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One Week Vocational training on “Scientific Backyard Poultry Farming” organized by KVK, Barnala

April 10

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University’s, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Barnala organized one week vocational training course on “Scientific Backyard Poultry Farming” for rural schedule caste families. A total 42 participants from village  “Badbar” of Barnala district participated in this training programme. Dr. P.S. Tanwar, Associate Director, KVK, Barnala inaugurated the training programme and shared his experience with trainees regarding backyard poultry farming and said that  backyard poultry farming is an important source for supplementing the income for rural poorer. He also emphasised that backyard poultry farming can be started with low investment. The egg and meat obtained from this venture is a cheap source of protein for families. He also added that low cost shed (khude) can be prepared with locally available thatched materials.

Dr. Surinder Singh, Assistant  Professor (Livestock Production) gave detailed lecture on various breeds of poultry and their characteristics, brooding & housing management, different type of housing system, role of nutrient  and their requirement ,  importance of feeding of balanced ration and its preparation  using common ingredient for different categories of poultry, nutritional diseases of backyard poultry and their management. De-worming and Vaccination schedule to be followed. Common disease of backyard poultry etc.  Khushvir Singh, Assistant Professor (Fisheries) delivered lecture on integration of poultry-cum fish farming. An exposure visit was also arranged to Deol poultry farm, Handyia (Barnala). After  completion of training one day old 30 RIR chicks,  book on poultry farming in Punjabi and  literature was distributed among successfully trainees.