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Training Programme on “Value Addition of Milk” concludes at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University

May 14

A five-day training course on ‘Value Addition of Milk ' organized by College of Dairy Science and Technology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, (GADVASU) Ludhiana was concluded.
Dr H K Verma, Director of Extension Education, emphasized that there is a need for value addition of milk for dairy farmers and entrepreneurs. He said that value addition of milk could help to enhance the economic well-being of the large number of people in Punjab. He also suggested that farmers can obtain better prices of their milk through value addition by converting the milk into various milk products.
Dean, College of Dairy Science and Technology in his address apprised the trainees about the facilities available for farmers in various departments of the college pertaining to value addition of milk. He suggested the participants to maintain contacts with the University experts and try to excel in the dairy processing and value addition through hard work and innovation.
Er. Narender Kumar Chandla, one of the course co-ordinator of training programme provided an overview of the activities carried out for the participants during the training course. He informed that training programme was technically designed and provided practical training on manufacture of milk products viz. milk cake, paneer, whey drink, dahi, lassi, mozzarella cheese and sterilized flavoured milk, etc. Specialized lecture on establishment of mini dairy processing plant and guidelines to apply for FSSAI Licence, for start-up of dairy plant was also included in this training. The training covered the microbiological, chemical and economic aspects for proper handling of milk and milk products. Farmers also shared their experiences about the technical sessions of the training and mentioned that they had good practical experience of manufacturing the milk products and other technical know-how. Among the trainee’s, Brigadier Inder Mohan Singh and Mr. Gaurav Sood, said that the training imparted to them was of immense importance and was well-equipped with technical aspects of value addition of milk. Valedictory session was concluded with the distribution of training certificates to the participants. College is looking forward to conduct more specialized trainings to benefit dairy farmers and entrepreneurs in the future.