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Annual Athletic Meet of Vet Varsity Concludes

March 13

The 13th Annual Athletic meet of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) was held today on 13th March, 2019. Dr. Satyavan Rampal, Director Student Welfare informed that students of all the three Colleges situated in the GADVASU Campus namely College of Veterinary Science, College of Dairy Science and Technology, College of Fisheries, School of Animal Biotechnology, Veterinary Polytechnic, Kaljharani (Bathinda) and affiliated Colleges of university i.e Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar and Baba Hira Dass Ji College of Veterinary Pharmacy were actively participated in this athletic meet under different disciplines. Dr Amarjit Singh Nanda, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU inaugurated the meet. After unfurling the flag, Dr Nanda told that GADVASU always promote the spirit of games amongst their students to keep them healthy and in high spirit. He appreciated the various committee members’ efforts in conducting the successful meet and appreciated the participants. Senior retiree alumni members of the varsity also attended the meet with great charm and happiness. The sports torch was being lighted by senior athletes of the university. The meet started with the oath taking ceremony by Guneet Kaur senior athlete of the university. After inauguration, athlete march was performed. Alamjit Singh (boys) and Guneet Kaur (girls) were declared best athlete. Overall trophy was won by College of Veterinary Science. Runners Up Trophy was won by Khalsa College of veterinary and animal sciences, Amritsar. At the prize distribution function Dr Sukhchain Singh Gill, IPS, Commissioner of Police Ludhiana was Chief Guest. He said that sports improve the health and confidence of students. It promotes good habits and inculcates better values in a person. He gave away the prizes to the winners and told them to do more hard work to excel in their respective fields. Dr. Sandeep Puri, Principal of DMC & H was guest of honor as this occasion. About 225 students participated in the meet. Dr APS Brar incharge sport wing GADVASU shared the annual sports report of university. Dr Parkash Singh Brar, Dean College of Veterinary Science extended thanks to the whole family of GADVASU and congratulated the winners. On this occasion the faculty members, staff members and students of the GADVASU were there to buck up the athletes. PAU faculty and employees were also attended the event to encourage the students. A spectacular horse show was also add on attraction of the function.

100 Mt. (Men)         1. Alamjit Singh 2.Mankirat Singh 3.Sukhmandeep Singh

110 Mt. Hurdles: (Men)         1. Alamjit Singh 2. Mankirat Singh 3. Naveen Kumar

Javelin Throw(Men)         1. Alamjit Singh 2. Gurbir Singh 3. Ankur Khanmotra

5,000Mt. (Men)   1. Shubhankar 2. Gagandeep Singh 3. Hargun Singh

400Mt. Hurdles (Men)  1. Mankirat Singh 2. Daud Masih 3. Alamjit Singh

Hammer Throw (Men) 1. Chaindeep Singh 2. Sahib Singh 3. Ravinder singh

800Mt. (Men)             1. Daud Masih 2 Hargun Singh 3. Shubhankar

Triple Jump (Men)              1.Naveen Kumar 2. Alamjit Singh 3. Shoubhik Saha 

High Jump  (Men)    1. Sarthak Sharma 2. Daud Masih 3. Bhupesh  

Shot Put    (Men)      1. Gurkaranbir Singh 2. Alamjit singh 3. Avtar Singh Sohi

Broad Jump (Men)     1. Sukhmandeep Singh 2. Naveen Kumar 3. Bhanu Singh

Javelin Throw (women) 1. Guneet Kaur 2. Amninder Kaur 3. Swaranshi Paul

1500 Mt. (women)        1. Guneet Kaur  2. Rajpreet Kaur. 3.Tarunpreet Kaur

800 Mt. (Women)          1. Guneet Kaur 2. Rajpreet Kaur 3. Shubhpreet Kaur

100 Mt. (Women)     1. Guneet  Kuar 2. Amninder Kaur 3. Rajbir Kaur

200Mt. (Women)         1. Guneet Kaur 2. Amninder Kaur 3. Shubhpreet Kaur

Broad Jump (Women)    1. Guneet Kaur 2. Rajbir Kaur 3. Sandeep Kaur

High Jump (Women)  1. Guneet Kaur  2. Gurleen Kaur 3.Tarunpreet

Shot Put (Women)  1. Mandeep Kaur 2. Amninder Kaur 3. Ankita

Discus Throw (Men)          1. Gurbir Singh 2. Avtar Singh 3. Alamjit Singh

Discus Throw (Women)   1. Srishti Dhuria  2. Amninder Kaur 3. Manpreet Bedi

400 Mt. (Women)     1. Guneet Kaur 2. Rajpreet Kaur 3. Rajbir Kaur

400 Mt. (Men)           1. Mankirat Singh 2. Sukhman Singh 3. Sukhmandeep Singh

4x400 Mt. (Men)       1. College of Veterinary Science 2. College of Dairy Science and Technology  3. School of Animal Biotechnology

4x100 Mt. (Women)  1. College of Veterinary Science 2. Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 3. College of Fisheries

1500 Mt. (Men)         1. Hargun Singh 2. Shubhankar 3. Gagandeep

3km (Men) 1. Manpreet Kaur Bedi 2. Pahul KKaranvir Singh Bath 2. Shubhankar  3. Bhanu Singh

University Colour was also awarded to best students of different fields. Their names are as under:-

Gurkaranbir Singh, Arundeep Singh, Pritam Singh, Ekamjot Singh, Sumeet Singh, Bharti Raj, Kawaljeet Singh, Sehajbir Singh, Gurjot Singh, Satbir Singh, Sandeep Singh.

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