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miRBL: Bubaline microRNA Library, Director, School of Animal Biotechnology, GADVASU, Ludhiana (21 July 2015)

miRBL: Bubaline microRNA Library

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small (19–25 base long), non-coding RNA molecules, generated from endogenous hairpin-shaped transcripts. More than 28,000 miRNA-sequences of plant and animal origin have been identified and reported (miRbase, Release 21, June 2014). However, no bubaline miRNA-sequences are available in miRBase. We are reporting around 450 bubaline miRNAs obtained from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of healthy and diseased buffaloes. The miRNA sequences are in process of submission to miRBase.

The sequences of microRNA of bubaline PBMCs have been obtained by sequencing the small RNAs  using Ion Torrent platform (318, 316 and P1 chips) and analyzed using suitable set of software. Since the buffalo whole genome assembly is not available, the NGS reads were analyzed using UMD Bta4 and UMD Bta3.1  assemblies. Due to this reason, so the novel miRNAs (enlisted in the third pdf document) are actually novel in terms of Bta miRNA sequences. Actually all the sequence being reported here are novel for buffalo.

There are three files (pdf documents) given in this webpage MiRBL (Library for Bubaline micorRNAs):

  1. Bubaline miRNA: homologous to known Bta-miRNA: It containes all the bubaline miRNAs which has homologs in Bos taurus miRNA sequences in miRBase.So the names have been kept comparable with the respective bta-miRNA sequences.
  2. Bubaline miRNA: homologous to mature star Bta-miRNA: These bubaline miRNA sequences are not reported in miRBase, as these are the less expresses (or mature star). However, the pre-microRNAs (hairpin sequences) as well as mature  (more expressed) bta-miRNAs are present in miRBase. So the names of the miRNAs are also kept comparable with that of bta.
  3. Bubaline Novel miRNA: no homologs in Bta-miRNA: These miRNAs has got no homologs in reported  Bta-miRNAs in miRBase. So these are termed as novel ones and nomenclature has been done as “bbu-mir-…”.

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Acknowledgement: This work has been sponsored by the SERB-DST, Government of India, in an extra-murally funded young scientist project "Construction of miRNA Library Associated with Disease Resistance in Buffalo" (Project Registration Number: SERC/LS-293/2011).