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tender notice

Quotation notice for the supply of Codon Optimization and Gene Synthesis, Superintendent, CAO, O/o Dean COVS, GADVASU, Ludhiana

September 24

Centralized Administrative Office, O/o Dean COVS

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University

Quotation Notice

Purchase Notice No.: CAO/P-2/2018-19/2335                                                
Dated: 24.09.2018

Quotations are invited from the experienced, technically and financially sound manufacturer/ authorized distributor(copy of authorization must be attached)/dealers/stockiest for the supply of following item as per the following Terms & Conditions i.e. Sale Tax/VAT/CST, FOR, etc.

Sr. No.

Name of the article

Preferred Brand



Codon Optimization and Gene Synthesis: VP1 (136bp) and Express Cloning: VP1-pGEX-4TI


Genescript/Thermofisher/ Invitrogen

136 bp


Codon optimization and Gene Sythesis : VP2 (663bp) and Express Cloning: VP2-pGEX-4TI

(Delivery of optimized gene in expression vector pGEX-4T1)

663 bp

The quotations may be addressed to Head, Department of Veterinary Microbiology, GADVASU, Ludhiana” and should sent by post or by hand on or before 04.10.2018 till 10:30 am to the office of the Superintendent, CAO, COVS, GADVASU. Quotations shall be opened on 04.10.2018 at 11:50 am.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The University is exempted from the payment of GST as per notification no.47/2017-integrated Tax (rate) ant the exemption, wherever applicable, will be availed by providing GST exemption certificate. The rates of the items must be quoted with all the terms & conditions and must be FOR GADVASU, Ludhiana destination basis and should include all types of taxes and charges including insurance, custom duty against Custom Duty Exemption Certificate, clearance and transport charges etc.
  2. Supplier will be responsible for clearing the item from the custom department and deliver the same to the University if applicable.
  3. Rates quoted must be valid upto 2-3 months. In case prices slash down or any other benefit (in form of lesser price/lesser tax/foreign exchange rate etc.) it must be passed on to GADVASU.
  4. The University is exempted from the payment of excise duty and the exemption, wherever applicable, will be availed by providing ED Exemptio0020n Certificate.
  5. The University will pay only Basic Custom Duty and the exemption, wherever applicable, will be availed by providing against Custom Duty Exemption Certificate.
  6. Incomplete quotations, without brand name or received after due date/time shall be rejected forthwith. University does not take any responsibility for any postal delay.
  7. Conditional and unsigned quotation will not be accepted.
  8. Delivery period of the items must also be intimated clearly in the quotations, no further correspondence in this regard will be communicated by the University.
  9. The quotation shall not contain corrections, erasers and overwriting, it will result in rejection of quotation straightway. GST No. and HSN Code must be mentioned on the quotation.
  10. Valid authorization certificate issued by the manufacturer must be attached with the quotation.
  11. Above mentioned Quantities are tentative and can be increased/ decreased to any extent or can be totally omitted according to sanctioned amount & the firm will have no claim on this account.
  12. If the date of opening of quotations is declared as Public Holiday then the quotations will be opened on the next working day at the same time. The terms & conditions will remain the same. 
  13. The standing committee will open quotation of only those firms whose quotation is found to be in order.
  14. On the basis of performance of the distributors/firms/agencies, (i.e. quality of material supply, timely delivery of material etc) the standing committee reserves the rights to reject any or all quotations.
  15. In case of any dispute, jurisdiction will be Ludhiana District Courts.
  16.  Any detail regarding the item/material can be obtained from office of the Head, Department of Vety. Microbiology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana