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tender notice

Quotation notice for the Annual Maintenance Contract of Pouch Filling Machine of Experimental Dairy Plant, College of Dairy Sciences and Technology, GADVASU, Ludhiana

October 26

College of Dairy Sciences and Technology
Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana

Purchase Notice/CODST/18/1776                                                          

Name of Purchase:  Annual Maintenance Contract of Pouch Filling Machine of Experimental Dairy Plant. The specifications must be as per following terms and conditions.

Proposed last date for submission of quotation: on or Before 5th November, 2018  upto 3.00 p.m.The quotations will be opened on the same day.

  1. One Technician or Operator of the firm will operate the Pouch Filling machine
  2. All necessary repairs will be done by the firm from time to time.
  3. The required spares, if any during the contract period will be provided by the department.
  4. The payment will be made on monthly basis through cheques. The payment will be made only for those days when the machine is actually running and milk is filled in pouches.
  5. No payment will be made in any case when the machine is not running for any reason.
  6. About 2000 liters of milk will be packed in pouches daily.
  7. The contract will be for one year from the date of start.
  8. The college can terminate the contract with one month notice.
  9. The relevant firm can also leave the contract giving two month notice.
  10. A qualified Engineer of concerned firm shall visit the college once in a month and submit the report that the machine is in working condition and needs no repair.

College of Dairy Science & Technology

Terms and Conditions:

a)  Interested firms are requested to submit their rates for the item in sealed envelope.

b)  The authorized dealer certificate must be attached with the quotation.

b)  Name of the item must be mentioned on the sealed envelope.