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Quotation notice for the purchase of Hot Air Oven and BOD Incubator with stabilizer, College of Dairy Sciences and Technology, GADVASU, Ludhiana

January 4

College of Dairy Sciences and Technology
Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University

Purchase Notice/CODST/18/2440                                              
Dated:  04-01-2019

Name of Purchase:  Hot Air Oven and BOD Incubator with stabilizer

Proposed last date for submission of quotation: on or Before 17th January, 2019 upto 3.00 p.m. The quotation will be opened on the same day.

Sr. No.

Name of Item with specifications



Quantity required


Hot Air Oven

Model: 7051-150 (SS body)


  • 150 Litres capacity
  • PID Controller
  • Temperature upto 250ºC
  • SS Body / MS body
  • Internal dimension (500 X 500 X 600mm)
  • External dimension (690*830*950mm)
  • Glass in main door

Medica Equitron

One no.


BOD Incubator with stabilizer VS-02

Model: C1-12 Plus


0-60 ºC

370 litres

SS/ MS body (quote required for both)

Microprocessor with PT -100 sensor


One no.

College of Dairy Science & Technology

Terms and Conditions:

a)  Interested firms are requested to submit their rates for the item in sealed envelope.

b)  The authorized dealer certificate must be attached with the quotation.

c)  Name of the item must be mentioned on the sealed envelope.

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