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Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University

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Faculty Detail

Dr Jagmeet Kaur

Designation: Scientist Disease Investigation
Contact Address:Department of Animal Disease Research Centre, College of Veterinary Science, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, Punjab 141004
Telephone :
Mobile: 9478424038

Academic Credentials

  • B.V.Sc & A.H
  • (M.V.Sc)Veterinary pathology (8.5 OCPA)
  • I.C.A.R NET

Teaching and Other Appointments

  • Teaching all courses of B.V.Sc including General, Systemic, Avian, Oncology, Clinical pathology, Necropsy, Pathology of Infectious and Non Infectious diseases, Pathology of diseases of laboratory and wild animals.

Other Appointments

  • Member of Punjab State Veterinary Council
  • Life member of Indian society for advancement of canine practice

Area of Research Interests

  • Clinical pathology, Poultry Pathology, Oncology

Ongoing Projects


Name of the Project / Scheme

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(Mo / Yr)

Funding Agency




(National Animal Disease Epidemiology Network (NADEN)-ICAR-112






Animal Disease Research Centre & Strenghthening of Diagnostic Facilities & Experimentation)


Since the start of the department


State Government

No. of Publications

Research: 06Extension: 08            Books: Nil                  Manuals: 20


  • Jagmeet Kaur, Adarsh Thakur and Shikha Raina. Perianal gland tumour in dog: A case report.2019. International Journal of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry; 4(4): 22-23. 
  • Jagmeet Kaur, Rajinder Singh Brar, Geeta Devi Leishangthem, Harmanjit Singh Banga and Nittin Dev Singh. Immunohistopathological studies on infectious laryngotracheitis disease in poultry birds. 2019. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies; 7(3): 212-216. 
  • Jagmeet Kaur, Rajinder Singh Brar, Harmanjit Singh Banga and Mudit Chandra. Diagnosis of Aspergillosis in avian species in Punjab. 2019. The Pharma Innovation Journal; 8(7): 418-420. 
  • Rajdeep Brar, Taranjot Kaur and Jagmeet Kaur. Diagnosis and therapeutic management of Hepatozoon canis: A case report.2019. Clinical Pathology 38: 121-125. 
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