Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University
ਗੁਰੂ ਅੰਗਦ ਦੇਵ ਵੈਟਨਰੀ ਐਂਡ ਐਨੀਮਲ ਸਾਇੰਸਜ਼ ਯੂਨੀਵਰਸਿਟੀ

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College of Fisheries

Faculty Detail

Dr. Naveen Kumar B.T.

Designation: Assistant Professor (Fisheries)
Contact Address:Department of Aquatic Environment, College of Fisheries, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana – 141 004
Telephone : 0161-2414061
Mobile: 9844131671

Academic Credentials

  • B.F.Sc.
  • M.F.Sc. (Aquaculture)
  • Ph. D (Aquaculture)
  • ASRB-NET (Aquaculture)

Teaching and Other Appointments

Fish Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Finfish and shellfish Disease Management, Disease diagnosis and health management, Fish Pharmacology, Aquatic animal quarantine and certification, Fish immunology

Area of Research Interests

Fish Biotechnology and Aquatic Animal health management A) Hybridoma technology for monoclonal antibody production against fish and shellfish pathogen B) Immunodiagnostic kits for fish and shell fish pathogens C) MAb based farmer level kit against fish and shell fish pathogens D) Bacterial biofilm for novel oral vaccine and for enhancing growth and disease resistance of fish in ponds E) Fish viral diseases F) Epizootic ulcerative syndrome (EUS) of fish G) Fish virology - TiLV, WSSV, RSIV, IHHNV H) Fish pharmacology

Ongoing Projects

Sr. No.


Funding Agency

Year of Start


Development of Farmer level Monoclonal Antibody based Flow through Immunoassay for Detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus –the causative agent of shrimp EMS

DST-SERB, New Delhi



              2.                   National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Diseases                                        DAHDF-NFDB      2018-

                                                                                                                                                                                            - ICAR-NBFGR      19

Research Honour’s /Awards

  •     COFAA Educational Award
  •     Best Poster Award in 8TH DAA Symposium
  •     Alltech Young Scientist Award
  •    Certificate of appreciation for presentation of research paper in ASEAN Fisheries and Aquaculture        Conference and Exposition 2016 and 11th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum at Bangkok, Thailand
  •    Appreciation letter for good performance in the evaluation test conducted in the ICAR – sponsored short course on “Molecular approaches in diagnosis and control of emerging and transboundary diseases of freshwater fish and shellfish” at Fish Health Management Division of ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Kausalyaganga, Bhubaneswar, Odissa.
  •     Scientist of the year award - Society of biological sciences and rural development, India
  •     Certificate of reviewing award - Fish and Shellfish Immunology, Elsevier, Amsterdam. The Netherlands
  •    Certificate of outstanding contribution in reviewing award - Fish and Shellfish Immunology, Elsevier, Amsterdam. The Netherlands

No. of Publications

Research: 32

Abstracts:  34

Extension: 01

Review papers:  03

Books/ Book Chapters :04

Manuals: 02


Byadgi O.V., Shankar K. M., Naveen Kumar B. T., Rajreddy Patil, Iqlas Ahmed. 2014. Passive immunity in tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) fed with monoclonal antibody to white spot syndrome virus. Aquaculture International. November, DOI 10.1007/s10499-013-9714-x.


Siriyappagouder, P., Shankar, K.M., Naveen Kumar, B.T., Patil, R., Byadgi, O.V. 2014. Evaluation of biofilm of Aeromonas hydrophila for oral vaccination of Channa striatus. Fish & Shellfish Immunology. Sep 22. pii: S1050-4648(14)00356-8. doi: 10.1016/j.fsi.2014.09.021.


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Prakash V Parmar, Shivananda Murthy, H, Tejpal, C and Naveen Kumar, B. T. 2012. Effect of brewers yeast on immune response of giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii and its resistance to white muscle disease, Aquaculture International, DOI 10.1007 ? s 10499-012-9520-X. (Impact factor: 0.912)


Patil, R.,  Shankar, K. M.,  Krupesha Sharma, S. R.,  Amod Kulkarni,  Prakash Patil, Naveen Kumar, B. T.,  Sahoo, A. K. 2011. Epitope analysis of white spot syndrome virus of Penaeus monodon by in vivo neutralization assay employing a panel of monoclonal antibodies. Fish & Shellfish Immunology. 30 1007-1013. (Impact factor: 2.892)


Rani, A., Sathish R. Poojary, Naveen Kumar, B.T., Abhiman P. Ballyaya, Prakash Patil, Ramesh K. Srinivasayya, Shankar, K. M., Santhosh K. Shivakumaraswamy. 2016. Concentrating white spot syndrome virus by alum for field detection using a monoclonal antibody based flow-through assay. Journal of Biological Methods Vol. 3(2) 39. DOI: 10.14440/jbm.2016.105.


Biradar S., Shivananda Murthy, H., Prakash Patil, Jayaraj E. G., Naveen Kumar, B.T. 2017. Dietary supplementation of microbial phytase improves growth and protein efficiency ratio of freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). Aquaculture International 25:567–575. doi:10.1007/s10499-016-0057-2.


Tyagi, A., Naveen Kumar, B. T., Singh, N. K. 2017. Genome dynamics and evolution of codon usages in shrimp viruses. Archives of Virology, doi: 10.1007/s00705-017-3445-7.


Ghambi, C. D., Shankar, K. M., Prakash Patil, Satish Rama Poojary, Abhiman Ballyaya, Naveen Kumar, B. T., and Ramesh Kashi Srinivasayya. 2018. Skim Milk Flocculation Concentrates White Spot Syndrome Virus in Seawater for Detection Using A Monoclonal Antibody Based Flow-Through Assay. International Journal of Poultry and Fisheries Sciences.


Singh B, Tyagi A, Kumar B T N and Ansal M D. 2018. Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of vibrios of human health significance in inland saline aquaculture areas. Aquaculture Research 49(6): 2166-2174.