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Hiring of services of Chartered Accountant, Comptroller, GADVASU, Ludhiana

October 9 Expiring at: May 10

This University requires the services of Chartered Accountant on retainer-ship basis for the matter relating to filing of Income Tax Returns of University and preparation, processing, filing/revision of T.D.S. Return (Salary/Non-Salary) & follow up action, in addition to appearance on behalf of University for cases of T.D.S./Income Tax already fixed/to be fixed in future by Income Tax Department relating to the departments of all the colleges of the University.

Applications are invited from the interested firm/persons for the said job with the following terms and conditions broadly:-

  • Preparation/Processing/Revising (if required) & filing of all types of Income Tax & T.D.S. Returns (Salary/Non-Salary) of University & follow up action.   
  • Applying for the registration of University under Section 80-G of Income Tax Act, 1961. The firm will provide the services relating to applying of certificate for exemption of T.D.S. in advance from Income Tax Department, as the University, being educational Institution enjoys the benefit of exemption of tax deducted at source on interest income.
  • Filing of GST returns of the University and guiding about the applicability of G.S.T. in the University.
  • Submission of the replies to the Income Tax Department/GST council on the cases under scrutiny/Court cases. To appear on behalf of University for all cases of T.D.S./ Income Tax matters already fixed/to be fixed in future by Income Tax Department relating to all the departments of the University. Interested Firm/Consultant will be responsible for all the pending issue relating to T.D.S/Income Tax return from the financial year 2007-08 till date and get the same settled with the concerned department.
  • To guide the staff for proper maintenance of record of Fixed Deposit, Calculation of Interest on FDRs.
  • Applying for the registration of University under Punjab State Development Act and filing of returns thereof.
  • To guide the staff of University in whatsoever manner required, regarding changes in provisions regarding T.D.S./Income Tax/G.S.T./Punjab State Development Tax.

Interested firms may send their quotation for above said services on monthly basis/lumpsum amount alongwith detailed Biodata in a sealed envelope. The quotation should be in favour of Comptroller GADVASU. The quotation should reach this office on or before 29-10-2018 (5:00 P.M.)

GADVASU, Ludhiana

Memo No. 5603
Dated: 9-10-2018

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