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Hygienic Meat Production and Byproducts utilization training at GADVASU

March 8

With an intention to safe guard the health of the meat consumers of Ludhiana by way of hygienic, wholesome, clean meat production a five day programme on Hygienic Meat Production and Byproducts utilization from March 5-9, 2018 for butchers/floor level workers of meat industry is being organized by Department of Livestock Products Technology, GADVASU, Ludhiana.  Dr Manish Kumar Chatli, Course Director and Head of the department revealed that this is a hands-on-training programme on humane slaughtering and dressing methods of different food animals (sheep/goat/pigs/poultry) along with the details about “Do’s and Don'ts of meat handling, personal hygiene, disposal and utilization of byproducts. In this training programme 12 lectures-cum-practical demonstrations are being delivered which include hygienic slaughtering and processing, preparation of cut-up-parts and packaging techniques. The meat standards and legal regulations related with the establishment of meat shops are also discussed. The information was also shared on the formulation of viable bankable project for seeking loans from banks, Government schemes, licencing programmes, standards and labelling of the meat products by officials and subject matter specialists. The participants were provided with the “Hygiene kit” which included Gum shoes, Stainless Steel meat cutting knife, apron, gloves, mouth and head gear etc. Department has also provided literature including training manual to the trainee. 

Total 27 participants are attending the training from Ludhiana Municipal corporation and meat shop owners of Ludhiana city. The visit of the participants to Modern slaughter unit in Chandigarh was also conducted. This training is brain child of Dr A.S. Nanda, Vice Chancellor, GADVASU. He stressed that there is an urgent need for the economical utilization of byproducts for revenue generation and to reduce the stress on environment. He further emphasized that the indiscrete disposal of byproducts may lead to spread of various infectious diseases including rabies in dogs. Dr Harish Verma, Director Extension Education, GADVASU said emphatically that the clean meat production is first step to safeguard the health of meat consumers. This is a step of GADVASU to outreach the grass root level workers of the society for the necessity and thumb rule of sanitation measures. This programme can contribute a lot to “Swachach Bharat Mission”.

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