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Dr. H K Verma retires from the Vet Varsity

October 1


After serving 31 years in the field of veterinary sciences Dr HK Verma retired from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana after attaining the age of superannuation. A farewell function was arranged in the honour of Dr. H K Verma. On this occasion Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor appreciated the services of Dr. Verma. He said that Dr. Verma contributed.

a lot in the field of extension education as well as veterinary gynaecology. His research, academic and administrative achievements were discussed and acknowledged in the farewell function by officers of the university. They extended their warm wishes on his retirement.

Dr. Verma started his career as Assistant Professor Vety. Gyn. (Extn) in 1989 in PAU, Ludhiana and after that served more than five years in GADVASU as Director of Extension Education, before that he headed Veterinary Extension department for four years. Dr Verma was among those people in Veterinary College who worked in the field for the benefit of farmers. The technology in the field of Veterinary Science in general and Animal Reproduction in particular generated at the PAU/GADVASU was transferred to the target section of society.

After the formation of GADVASU in 2006, Dr Verma was entrusted by the University to work as Public Relation Officer and was mainly responsible for liaising of transferring technologies to farmers through Print & Electronic Media and ICT approaches. Worked as University editor for publications and initiated the publishing of literature (Books and Magazine) in local language (Punjabi) for the masses. First book was published in September 2006 and the monthly magazine, Vigiyanak Pashu Palan (VPP) was started in September, 2007. Till today, 36 books of livestock farming such as Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Fish, Dog, Goat and Feeding of animals, Reproductive management etc. has been published as Author/Editor. VPP is a farmer’s friendly monthly magazine which has more than 5000 subscribers.

Dr Verma has published 139 Research papers, 139 Research Notes, 107 Invited papers/Lead papers, 471 Popular articles, 45 Folders, 16 Bulletins, 11 Handy Calendars ,  157 TV /Radio talks for the farmers of North India. He has delivered more than 1000 lectures to farmers & field officers. He started a new concept of Farmer Field School and Pashu Palan Doot for promoting farmer to farmer extension. He also started a professional society, ‘Society for Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension’ and organized four National conferences and biannual Livestock Extension Journal. Dr. Verma remains the recipient of several awards and Peer recognition as fellowship of NAVS, ISSAR, NADSI and ISEE and Young Scientist Award and International Travel Grant etc.

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