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Vet Varsity collaborates with Agricultural Skill Council of India for skill-based courses

July 28

A meeting was convened between the administration of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University under the leadership of Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor and Dr. Satender Singh Arya, Chief Executive Officer of Agricultural Skill Council of India (ASCI), regarding the development of livestock, poultry and fisheries-based skill ecosystem in the Vet Varsity. Dr. Arya made a comprehensive presentation depicting the skill-based infrastructure, councils, policies, courses and organizations working under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India in general and ASCI in particular. He highlighted the importance of skills in the coming years and focused that the academic institutions must align with ASCI for starting up new courses based on the skill-set required for upcoming years. He emphasized that joint certification will aid in enhancing the market value of a trainee and equip him for better employment opportunities. 
Dr. Inderjeet Singh revealed about the various diploma courses, short courses, certificate courses and advanced training courses of the University. He stated that new courses are also being developed by various colleges of the University keeping in view the needs of the society. The future collaboration of ASCI and Vet Varsity for development of vocational and skill-based courses will help students, farmers and other stakeholders in the farming sector for gaining contemporary skills and enhancing their employability. 
Dr. P.S. Brar, Director of Extension Education, highlighted various offline and online courses developed by the University for skilling various stakeholders engaged in livestock, poultry and fisheries sectors. He also emphasized on the previous association of the University with ASCI regarding skill-based training. The various issues related to the previous ASCI training were also discussed in detail. Dr. P.S. Brar extended the vote of thanks.

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