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Pashu Palan Mela Concludes with a message for integrated farming

September 15

Two days Pashu Palan Mela of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana concluded with a message to achieve prosperity and health through integrated farming system. Mela attracted a huge gathering of farmers to learn new techniques for livestock farming through integration. Dr. Ashok Kumar Mohanty, Director Central Institute of Research on Cattle Merrut and Sh. Raghunath B, CGM, NABARD, Chd were guest of honour on the second day.
Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor addressed the farmers and urged them to adopt the integrated farming system for higher returns. He underlined extension activities for better reach to the farming community. He said that farming is losing its sheen due to different social, environmental and economic reasons but this is not good for our society. He encouraged farming community that scientists are with them and on their beck and call, so the farmers should  come forward to restore the pristine of farming culture.
Dr. Parkash Singh Brar, Director of Extension Education said that some of our departments are providing services for rearing livestock whereas others are in the field of value addition of livestock products. These professions help them to earn good income. Women can do these professions easily with their household responsibilities. He revealed that ornamental fish, Aquarium making, flavoured Milk & Lassi, Cheese, Meat Pickle, Meat patties, Meatballs and a number of fish delicacies come in these professions. He said that Young entrepreneurs can earn decent returns in goat & pig farming. In this mela College of Dairy Science and Technology, Department of Livestock Products and Technology displayed a variety of value added products of milk, meat and eggs. The College of Fisheries also displayed a rich number of value-added products of fish meat. There was a great response to these stalls. Farmers were highly enthusiastic to be trained for the development of milk and meat products.
            Dr. Brar revealed that a large number of farmers visited the stalls and showed keen interest in the measures to be adopted for the control of parasitic diseases of livestock.  The department of Animal Nutrition has developed a number of nutritional technologies for the dairy animals of the state, which were displayed in the Mela. Good quality mineral mixture and uromin lick prepared was sold at an economical price.
             Department of clinical Veterinary Medicine addressed the commonly prevalent diseases of the dairy animals of Punjab which are mastitis, mineral disorders, foot lameness and fore-stomach disorders.  The college of fisheries displayed different varieties of fish like carp fish, catfish and ornamental fishes.
            Farmers purchased University publications entitled Dairy Farming, Package of Practices, University Handbook, different types of calendars like calf calendar and animal diet calendar for brushing up their knowledge. Farmers registered their names for monthly magazine.
Different publications and brochures prepared by scientists of vet varsity were released by the dignitaries. The Judgment committee of the university adjudged all the stalls and in the industry category and declared Metro Milk Products first, Goodwill Hybrids Seeds second. Surishi Pharmaceuticals third and Verka for the consolation Prize. In the university category Department of Pharmacology adjudged first, Centre for One Health second, Directorate of Livestock Farms third and College of Fisheries got consolation prize. Dignitaries honored Dr. Ashok Kumar Mohanty, Sh. Raghunath B, Dr. S.K. Kansal, Dr. Parminder Singh and Dr. Kewal Arora.
            The Pashu Palan Mela concluded with a new hope for a brighter future in livestock rearing

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