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Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University

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College of Veterinary Science, Rampura Phul

Faculty Detail

Dr. Priyanka

Designation: Assistant Professor
Contact Address:Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary Science, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Rampura Phul, Distt. Bathinda - 151103 (Punjab)
Telephone :
Mobile: 7589348484

Academic Credentials

  • B.V.Sc & A.H
  • M.V.Sc
  • Ph.D. yet not completed (Only thesis viva pending)
  • I.C.A.R NET qualified

Teaching and Other Appointments

  • After completing my Master’s degree with specialization in Veterinary pathology, I wish to utilize my improved professional knowledge to indoctrinate students with all courses of pathology viz., General pathology, Systemic pathology, Avian pathology, Oncology, Clinical pathology, Necropsy, Pathology of Infectious and Non-Infectious diseases, Pathology of diseases of laboratory and wild animals and would like to do clinical sample analysis and post mortem. My specialization in M.V.Sc was on Dry preservation of various gross pathological lesions in bovine tissues by using environmental waste i.e., thermocol. Further, in Ph.D. I did study on Clinical and Experimental oncology entitled ‘Clinical and Experimental Studies on Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in canine mammary tumor’. I have exposure of handling the laboratory animals and also assisted the faculty of Veterinary Pathology in the Clinical Duty as well as Post-Mortem Duty in M.V.Sc as well as in Ph.D and also assisted the faculty in organizations of Training Programs in the Department.

Other Appointments

  • Member of Punjab State Veterinary Council
  • Life member of Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology

Area of Research Interests

  • My area of research interest is in Clinical pathology, Gross pathology, Oncology, Poultry pathology, Experimental pathology, Toxicopathology and Diagnostic Pathology by using different diagnostic techniques in addition to routine tissue processing and H&E staining viz., Immunohistochemistry, Polymerase Chain reaction, Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay, Fluorescent Antibody Testing and Dual immunostaining. that would be very beneficial in confirmatory diagnosis of disease.

Research Honour’s /Awards

  • Second position in best paper presentation entitled ‘Novel Approach of Dry Preservation of Gross Pathological Lesions’ in Indian Association of National Veterinary Pathologists 4th Zonal (Central) Conference-2021 and National Symposium.
  • Third position in best case presentation entitled ‘Sporadic Bovine Leukosis: First Report Of Its Rare Atypical Subtype In A Crossbred Bull In India’ in 6th National Online Clinical case conference 2023 on Technological Advancements in Veterinary Diagnostics and Therapeutics: New Frontiers in Animal Care organized by Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, PGIVAS, Akola, Maharashtra.

No. of Publications

Research: 05Extension: 11   
Book Chapters: 02   
Manuals: 00


  • Syal, P., Singh, C. K., & Gupta, K. (2022). Studies on preservation of gross pathological cardiac lesions by Thermocol plastination. Veterinarski arhiv, 92(2), 193-204.
  • Priyanka., Singh, C. K., & Kant Dash, S. (2022). Thermocol plastination of ulcers in tongue and abomasum. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 92(4), 426–432.
  • Priyanka, Singh, N. D., & Singh, H. (2022). Pathomolecular Diagnosis of Tropical Theileriosis in a Crossbred Cattle. Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology, 46(3), 239-242.
  • Priyanka, Singh, N. D., Leishangthem, G. D., & Gupta, K. (2022). Pathomorphological alterations of hardware disease in buffaloes. Ruminant Science, 11(1):177-180.
  • Priyanka, Leishangthem, G. D., & Singh, N. D. (2022). An Outbreak of Gout in Kadaknath Birds: A Pathomorphological Study. Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology, 46(3), 236-238.