ਗੁਰੂ ਅੰਗਦ ਦੇਵ ਵੈਟਨਰੀ ਐਂਡ ਐਨੀਮਲ ਸਾਇੰਸਜ਼ ਯੂਨੀਵਰਸਿਟੀ
Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University

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College of Dairy and Food Science Technology

Faculty Detail

Dr. Amandeep Sharma

Designation: Professor
Contact Address:Department of Dairy Engineering, College of Dairy and Food Science Technology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, Punjab 141004
Telephone : 0161-2553308
Mobile: 98888-81993,

Academic Credentials

  • B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering)
  • M.Tech (Agro-Industrial Processing)
  • Ph.D. (Agro-Industrial Processing)

Teaching and Other Appointments

  • Teaching interests: UG and PG courses in Refrigeration Engineering, Thermodynamics, Dairy Plant Design and Layout, Dairy Process Equipment Design, Heat Transfer, Instrumentation and Process Control.

Other Appointments

  • Head of the Department
  • Executive Engineer
  • Nodal Officer, e-tendering and e-procurement
  • Chairman Academic Affairs Committee

Area of Research Interests

  • Development of Protype for dairy and food process operations; solar energy applications in dairy and food processing; application of artificial intelligence in Dairy and Food processing and storage.

Ongoing Projects

  • Milk processing and manufacture of value-added dairy products” under RKVY Scheme
  • ICAR- Experiential Unit
  • Development of Fortification Technology for Milk to increase bioavailability of Minerals
  • Development of Solar Energy Based Prototype of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System for Milk Chilling.
  • Development of Hybrid Prototype for milk Chilling
  • Strengthening of Experimental Dairy Plant of the College of Dairy Science & Technology
  • Development of Technology Based on Alternate energy Resources for Value addition of Milk
  • Towards climate resilient livestock production system in Punjab
  • Thermic fluid-based methods for value addition to milk at farm level

Research Honour’s /Awards

  • Adjunct Faculty Status, Sothern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA. 
  • Vice-Chairman, Indian Dairy Association, Punjab Chapter
  • Vice President, SAS-NET for Fermented Foods
  • Bets research paper presentation awards during many national and international conferences 

No. of Publications

Research: 18Extension: 11     
Books: Nil     
Manuals: 04


  • Amandeep Sharma, Ruplal Choudhary Prachi Pahariya And Digvijay Verma (2023). Predictive modelling approaches in food processing: future research strategies. The Pharma Innovation, 12(5): 4206-4214. NASS rating: 5.23 -
  • Robin Kaura, Amandeep Sharma, Pranav Kumar Singh, Rajpreet Kaur Goraya (2023). Applying sensory and instrumental techniques to evaluate the texture of Paneer (An Indian variety of cheese). Indian Journal of Dairy Science 76(4):348-355. NASS rating: 5.95 -
  • Mukul Sain, Amandeep Sharma (2023). Enhancing time availability for milk processing using thermal oil as solar heat reservoir. Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Dairy Science. 
  • Gaurav Sharma, Amandeep Sharma, Pranav Kumar Singh, Narender Kumar and Gopika Talwar (2022). Feasibility of Vacuum based Cooling System for on Farm Cooling of milk. International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology: 15 (02s): 01-07. NASS rating: 4.54 -
  • Charanjit Singh, Gopika Talwar, Amandeep Sharma and Nitika Goel (2021). Effect of stretching and kneading mechanism on properties of mozzarella cheese. Pharma Innovation Journal
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  • Amandeep Sharma, Neeraj Jaglan and Nitika Goel (2019). Protocol development for sterilization of milk using solar energy and its sensory evaluation. Green farming. 10(4): 491-96. NASS rating: 4.38 -
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  • Lakhwinder Singh, Gopika Talwar, Amandeep Sharma and Narender Kumar, 2018, Selection of thermo fluids in double jacketed vat for basundi manufacture. International Journal of Chemical Studies, 6(6):1470-1477. NASS rating 5.31