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22nd Pashu Palan Mela Starts at Veterinary varisty

March 24

  22nd Pashu Palan Mela Starts at Veterinary Varsity

Main Attractions

An App was launched on ‘Precision Dairy Farming’

Book released ‘Fish Farming’

Folder released on ‘Farmers First’ Project
Technology transferred on Egg Drink 

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana inaugurated its 22nd Pashu Palan Mela on 24th March, 2017. Dr. Amarjit Singh Nanda, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU inaugurated the mela. Three progressive farmers from different livestock fields were honoured with Chief Minister’s Award.

Dr. AS Nanda said that diversification within the livestock is need of the hour. Theme slogan of this Mela was “Palo Pashu saleeke naal, Vatavaran di karo sambhal”.He said that we are conducting a number of efforts to explore the new avenues in livestock. We should try to control diseases of animals, in absence of problems it pays good profit in economic terms. 

An Android App for ‘Precision Dairy Farming’ was launched by Dr. A. S. Nanda, officers and dignitaries. This App can be downloaded from Google Play Store in the coming days. It will be available in two versions English and Punjabi. It will cover all aspects of dairy farming related to both cattle and buffalo. There is a special provision in the App in which a farmer can ask any question related to dairy farming after filling a simple form already given in the App under Frequently Asked Questions category. This App will be an online App that can be updated time to time as per the feedback received from the farmers. A book published by college of fisheries ‘Fish Farming: Answer to FAQs’ was also released. A technology on Egg Drink developed by department of livestock products technology was also transferred to Vision Plus Enterprises, Nawanshehar. A folder developed by Directorate of Extension Education under Farmers First project was also released.

GADVASU showcased all his research, education and extension programmes at the Pashu Palan mela for the benefit of livestock farmers.  Taking place twice a year in March & September it brings with its zest & excitement. This two days event at the Mela ground of GADVASU provided a platform for farmers, scientists, extension workers, Dairy officers, Fodder & Fisheries officers, various veterinary pharmaceuticals and agribusiness firms and banking sectors for showing their experience and information about the latest knowledge, technologies and

schemes which has come up in the livestock sector.

Dr H. K. Verma, Director of Extension Education revealed that large number of peoples showed their interest in taking up goat, pig and fish farming and especially enquired about their training programmes. University publications on different subjects of livestock farming were also available. Different Departments of University provided useful literature to the farmers. Special interactive session on livestock rearing in the scientific way was organised consisting of live lectures form experts, questions and answer from participants.

Various departments of College of Vety Science put up their stall in the Mela and tried their best to transfer valuable inputs and recommendations to the farmers. The excellent germplasm of the University such as Cows, Buffaloes, Goats, Pigs, Poultry, Emu and Quails were demonstrated to the livestock farmers. The experts delivered talks on the various aspects of livestock, poultry and fish farming and the mechanism and procedures to overcome the common problems faced by them. Live demonstrations on the various aspects along with sale of milk testing kit, Mastitis Diagnosis kit, teat dip practice and acaricide drug application were also demonstrated to the farmers.

An earnest endeavour by the College of Fisheries was the stall having various carp fishes, ornamental fish, azolla, duckweed cultivation and integration of fish farming with other livestock farming. People inquired about Fisheries profession, ornamental fish & saline water fisheries. Value added products of this college were also displayed on their stall for sale.

Different mouth watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies like Sweetened and Salted lassi, Flavoured milk, Yoghurt, Sweets, Whey drink, Paneer, Milk cake, Dhoda barfi, Meat patties, different types of Meat pickles prepared by College of Dairy Science & Technology and the Department of Livestock Products Technology were available for sale. Meat cutlets, Non-veg Momos, fibre rich meat biscuits were main attractions in the mela. Emu oil with medicinal properties was also available for consumers.

Enormous number of livestock farmers visited the stall put up by the Animal Nutrition Department to purchase the area specific mineral mixture, mineral mixture for pigs By–pass fat and uromin lick prepared by the University which is sold at a very nominal rate to the farmers. Different Self-Help Groups trained by vet varsity also put up their value added products for depiction, exhibition and sale. This has evoked excellent response among the aspiring farmers and visiting rural youth.

Farmers showed great interest in university publications. Directorate of Extension Education has published a number of books in simple regional language on very low price. Farmer showed keen interest for registering their name for monthly magazine ‘Vigyanak Pashu Palan’. New books, pamphlet, calf calendar, feeding calendar and pamphlets were released in the mela.

All the leading Veterinary Pharmaceuticals companies, Dairy & livestock related equipments, feed related factories put their stalls in exhibition. The departments like Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries of Punjab State put up their stalls in the Mela for demonstrating their activities. Different livestock associations established under the guidance of Veterinary University also put up their stalls for enrolling the members.

The Mela allures thousands of farmers from all the nook and corner of Punjab along with farmers from neighbouring states. Mela was also attended by dignitaries, Officers, heads of departments, faculty, students and staff. The Pashu Palan Mela will be held for two days (24 and 25 March 2017). 

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