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Inculcate the habit of reading Dairy Literature: Director Extension Vet Varsity

June 20

To increase the profitability of dairy farming, a dairy farmer must adopt the latest technologies viz. management of animals especially during extreme summers, their feeding and prevention from various diseases; these views were expressed by Dr. HK Verma, Director Extension Education, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, on the occasion of monthly meeting of Dairy Welfare Association. He stressed upon the farmers to update their knowledge by attending dairy seminars and read dairy literature as well. He told the farmers that university publishes monthly magazine Vigiyanak Pashu Palan in which various aspects of dairy farming are being published. The articles are based upon practical experience of the scientists of the university and keeping in mind the season and need during that period. Beside this university have many other publications to its credit farmers can become life members depending upon their requirements. Dr. Balwinder Kumar, Farm Manager of the university highlighted the importance of green fodder for the dairy animals. He advised the farmers to sow the fodder crops on good soils, take care of the variety of fodder and sow with approved agronomic practices. He stressed the importance of sowing mixture of leguminous and non leguminous fodders during the kharif season. Dr. LD Singla, Head, Department of Parasitology spoke about various protozoan diseases affecting the dairy animals during hot and humid season. He told the audience that Theileriosis, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and Trypanosomiasis are protozoan diseases during these months. Regular spray the shed with anti prozoan medicines. Get the young animals vaccinated against such diseases. Mr. Jagdeep Singh Aasal, President Dairy Welfare Association informed the gathering that they had a meeting with officials of dairy development agencies of Punjab and their demand of calculating fat and SNF on one formula base has been accepted and it will be mandatory for every buyer of milk to calculate on uniform pattern. Livestock Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Rajpura, and maker of Nutricana Feed representatives also attended the meeting. The whole seminar cum meeting was coordinated by Dr Parminder singh and Dr R K sharma of the department of vety.and animal husbandry extension.

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