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KVK Barnala Organizes training programme on

August 3

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Handiaya (Barnala) organized a fifteen days “Scientific Dairy Farming ” training programme. A total 56 candidates belonging to 25 different villages of district Barnala participated in this training programme.

Dr. P.S. Tanwar, Associate  Director, KVK, Barnala  inaugurate  the  programme and  shared his experience and motivated  the  youth for adopting the  dairy farming as an entrepreneur for their livelihood on commercial scale. He also emphasized that farmers, farm women and youth may get skill based trainings from KVK, Barnala in field of livestock sector such as Dairy farming, poultry farming, piggery, Goat farming, agriculture, horticulture and value addition of milk and agriculture produce so as to practice farming activities on scientific line  to make them as an profitable entrepreneur. He said that four things are important in dairy farming viz. Scientific   housing, balance nutrition, breeding management and heath care to change a dairy into profitable dairy farming. He also emphasized that value addition of  milk is highly important to earn the higher return from same quantity of milk sold as raw milk by majority of dairy farmers. He said that maintenance of various records is equally important and farmers should be maintained the records at their dairy farm.

Dr. Surender Singh, Assistant professor (Livestock Production) delivered detailed lectures on different types of cattle breed and their characteristics , housing and feeding requirement during different stages of  production cycle, metabolic disease  and their  management  through dietary manipulation in case of  high yielding animals ,problem of anestrus, repeat breeding and their managements in dairy animals, raising of calves and deworming schedule to be followed in dairy calf, feeding and formulation of balance ration utilizing commonly available ingredients, Dr Nitika Goel , Assistant Professor , Dairy Science College, GADVASU discussed  on “processing and value addition in  milk”. Dr. Khushvir Singh, Assistant Professor (Fisheries) shared his view on integrated dairy cum fish farming . Dr Harjot Singh Sohi, Assistant Professor (Horticulture) delivered lecture on  feeding of vegetable waste in dairy animals and precautions  to be taken while feeding such waste.

Dr Joshi, Senior Vetrinary Office  Polyclinic, Department of animal Husbandry  Barnala delivered lecture on various infectious and non infectious disease of dairy animals and their prevention and control measures  Mr. Manavpreet Singh representative of NABARD bank briefed the trainees regarding various welfare schemes and other credit facilities available for farmers under government banking sector and suggested the candidate how to get the loan from banks .

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