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extension activity

Vocational training on mushroom production technology

November 24

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Handiaya (Barnala) has organised five days vocational training on “Mushroom Production Technology”. Training programme was inaugurated by Dr Prahalad Singh Tanwar, Associate Director (training), KVK (Barnala). In his introductory lecture he awared the farmers regarding the types of mushroom cultivation which can be practised in Punjab and Northern India and he also highlighted the usage of oyster mushroom and its spent substrate that can be effectively used in the feed of dairy animals. He gave emphasis on rice and wheat residual to use it in mushroom compost preparation. Dr Harjot Singh Sohi, Assistant Professor conduct the five days of training programme and taught in detail regarding the Oyster, Button, Shiitake, Paddy and Milky mushrooms cultivation, Nutrition and medicinal mushrooms and their importance in balance diet was discussed. Exposure visit to mushroom farm of Microbiology department, PAU, Ludhiana was conducted and the farmers were guided along with practical knowledge of mushroom cultivation. During this training programme farmers were trained to make reuse of spent mushroom substrate and knowledge regarding spawn production was also given. Visual movies on mushroom cultivation and seasonal mushroom cultivation were shown to the farmers. Dr Khushvir Singh, Assistant professor delivered lecture on integrated farming in which he suggested the farmers to make use of fish pond dyke in mushroom production to generate more income through integrated farming system. Dr Suryendra Singh, Assistant Professor taught the farmers about the pasteurization method of compost making and told them to avoid chemical methods of preparing compost. Dr Kamaldeep Singh Matharu, Assistant Professor taught the farmers regarding the hygiene maintain while mushroom cultivation and gave detail information on green mould, mites, nematodes that effects in mushroom production and suggest valuable solutions.

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