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KVK Mohali organizes Parthenium Awareness Week

August 30

Parthenium awareness was organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali) with the motive to eradicate Parthenium hysterophorous grass, commonly known as Gajar butti/ congress grass from the district under the supervision of Deputy Director, Dr. Yashwant Singh. Under this programme two awareness camps were conducted at village Chanalon and Rattangarh (Simbal) where Parthenium uprooting activity was performed by the farmers. Parthenium uprooting activity was also performed by KVK staff at Kurali. Different lectures on harmful effects of Parthenium weed on human health, environment and its proper management were also delivered to students at Govt. Senior Secondary School, Saharaun and Shaheed Udham Singh College of Engineering and Technology, Tangori by KVK team members.

During these activities, programme incharge Dr. Harmeet Kaur, Assistant Professor (Plant Protection) guided the farmers regarding ill effects of Parthenium grass on human health which causes skin allergy and respiratory problems. Its management is very necessary at proper time. She also shown them natural enemy of Parthenium grass named Mexican Beetle, Zygogramma bicolorata whose larval and adults feed voraciously on Parthenium weed. She also released Zygogramma beetle on Parthenium to promote natural control. Dr. Priyanka Suryavanshi, Assistant Professor (Agronomy) guided the farmers to prepare compost form Parthenium grass. She also provided information on management of Parthenium grass with weedicides like 2,4-D and glyphosate.

Dr. Yashwant Singh told the farmers about harmful effects of this grass on dairy animals. The animals suffer from swelling in mouth and teats when they eat this grass. If the animal eats this weed in large amount, they may die even. One leaflet on management of Parthenium weed in regional language was also developed by KVK team to create awareness among farmers. Dr. Vikas Phulia, Dr. Parul Gupta, Dr. Shashi Pal, Dr. Munish Sharma, Ms. Ekta, Ms. Charnjit Kaur  and Mr. Mohammad Haider from KVK were present during different activities conducted by KVK under this week. Farmers from different villages thanked KVK team for organizing such activities and creating awareness for management of this harmful weed.

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