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Training starts at Vet Varsity for Himachal Fisheries Department Official

July 21

Five days training on fish breeding and seed production has been organised by College of Fisheries, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana, in which 10 officials from the Himachal Pradesh State Fisheries Department. Hands on training in induced breeding techniques for quality seed production of Indian major carps will be provided. Dr Meera D Ansal, Course Director said that Himachal Pradesh is blessed with vast fisheries resources in the form of rivers and reservoirs. Although, aquaculture is not much developed in the state, but it has registered remarkable growth in reservoir fisheries, having the honour of highest reservoir productivity (150t/ha/yr) in the nation. Besides 6 trout hatcheries, Himachal Pradesh also has 6 carp hatcheries, where seed is being produced majorly for ranching purpose for enhancing the productivity of the reservoirs. The said training programme has been organised on demand for corroborating the skills of the participants for producing quality seed of our precious native major carp species like catla, rohu and mrigal, so that they are able to take up the task more scientifically, with special reference to their climatic conditions. The participants will be apprised of best management practices with respect to brood stock rearing, brood stock selection, breeding techniques, hatchery operations and larval rearing protocols, through practical training and feedback based brain storming sessions.

While inaugurating the training programme, the acting Dean of College of Fisheries, Dr. Simrat Sagar Singh addressed the participants and expressed that he wishes to see long term interstate collaborations for sharing of experiences and technologies for overall development of the fisheries sector in the region. Participants will be given detailed practical experience of handling old traditional method of induced breeding as well as operating modern fish hatcheries, including portable carp hatcheries. She further added that, an exposure visit to fish seed farm of a progressive farmer will also be arranged, so that the participants are able to connect and share their experiences with the farmers for future collaborations. The course coordinator, Dr. Prabhjeet Singh said that they will also focus on providing appropriate solutions to various problems faced by the participants in breeding and seed production of Indian major carps in their state, with special reference to brood stock quality, climatic challenges and larval rearing.

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