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Parampragat Kheti Holds the Potential to Sustain Soil Health

December 6

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tarn Taran of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, (Ludhiana) organised a farmer-scientist interaction programme under 'Parampragat Kheti Krishi Vikas Yojna' (PKVY) scheme implemented at KVK, where 24 farmers of the district interacted with KVK experts on the aspect of Parampragat Kheti (organic farming). Dr Balwinder Kumar, Deputy Director (T), KVK Tarn Taran told that PKVY was launched by Government of India in 2015 with the aim of supporting and promoting organic farming to ensure sustainable soil health. Dr Kumar stated that demands for organic produce are increasing rapidly because of growing health concerns, thereby, PKVY ensure chemicals and pesticides’ residue free farm produce by adopting eco-friendly low cost technologies. Dr Anil Kumar, Soil Scientist mentioned that organic farming minimise damage to environment and sustain soil health through manual weed control, green manuring, recycling of crop residue, strengthening soil microbes through biofertilizer application, etc. He told that KVK will provide trainings to member farmers on organic seed/seedling production, organic input production viz. compost, vermicompost, panchgayya, jeevamruth, beejamruth, botanical extracts, etc. He also emphasised that organic farms are only certified after they have been cultivated according to organic norms for at least three years and it is mandatory for organic produce to meet the national standard for its certification. Dr Navjot Singh Brar (Agronomist) emphasized that organic grower can control weeds through crop rotations, cover crops, organic mulches, mechanical control at critical stages, etc. The progressive farmers viz. S. Gurbachan Singh, Raj Gurdev, Chanan Singh and S. Jarnail Singh, who are practising organic farming since two, three years,  also shared their experiences on organic farming with the house.

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