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Dairy farmers trained in nutritional technologies

December 13

Department of Animal Nutrition, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana organized two day training on ‘Nutritional technologies for efficient milk production under scheme: “Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna-11 (Special Component) SC/ST farmers of Punjab at Boparai Kalan, Ludhiana. Twenty two landless farmers from surrounding villages participated in this training. In the concluding function of the training Dr. APS Sethi Head, Dept. of Animal Nutrition, said that dairy farming is the need of the hour and there is huge potential ahead for rearing dairy animals for milk production. Moreover feed accounts for 70% of total cost of dairy farming and by using nutritional technologies farmers can economize feeding of their animals to make it a profitable venture, which not only provide the needed employment to the unemployed youth but also leads to diversification in agriculture.

Dr. JS Hundal, Course Coordinator, communicated that experts from the department delivered lectures on various nutrition technologies along with practical demonstrations. The objective of the training was to ensure balanced feeding of different categories of animals all around the year using locally available feed ingredients. Role of mineral mixture, urea molasses mineral block and bypass nutrients were highlighted. Conservation of fodders (Silage and hay) was also demonstrated, so as to make the fodder available all around the year. He said that we have different technologies in the department to provide balanced and quality nutritional supplements for animals. Dr Parshotam Lal Veterinary Officer CVH Boparai Kalan discussed the role of nutrition in health, production and reproduction of lactating animals. Dr Udeybir Singh told that different types of mineral mixtures are available for different species of animals; even area specific mineral mixture is also developed by the department according to area requirements of Punjab region. Dr. Amit Sharma Assistant Professor Animal Nutrition told that any farmer may contact department for balanced feed formula or for testing of any patent feed of private firms.

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