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Vet Varsity issues advisory to Dairy Farmers during hot, humid and rainy season

August 20

Recently there were reports of illness with symptoms of respiratory distress and fever at various dairy farms in Punjab. Since the prevailing hot and humid climatic conditions are favourable for the growth of microorganisms resulting in disease outbreaks in animals. Such outbreaks would result in serious implications leading to sickness and high mortality of valuable dairy animals causing huge economic losses to farmers. Scientists of Animal Disease Research Centre of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University also investigated outbreak of respiratory infection with high mortality at Khanna.

The livestock owners are therefore advised to vaccinate the livestock against HS and FMD oil adjuvant vaccine for long term immunity preferably with combined vaccine. Farmers are also advised to provide fresh fodder and concentrate depending upon the production, age and reproductive condition of bovines as advised by experts of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University from time to time. Experts also advised farmers to keep animals at comfortable distance in airy and ventilated sheds.

This weather is also favourable for the growth of fungus. Therefore, farmer should check that mould infested feed & fodder is not fed to livestock as it causes immediate high mortality:- Feed & feed ingredients could be kept in dry place. If urea was applied in fodder field then farmers were advised not to use this fodder minimum one week for animal consumption.

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