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KVK, Booh, Tarn Taran earns couple of projects

July 28

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Booh, Tarn Taran, bagged 2 projects entitled on "Development of low cost fruit fly traps for Cucurbit Vegetables and its demonstration at farmers' fields in border area of district Tarn Taran of Punjab, India" funded by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and Promotion of water saving technologies in horticultural crops for the farmers of district Tarn Taran, Punjab funded by Department of Soil and Water Conservation, Punjab.

Dr Nirmal Singh, Assistant Professor (Horticulture) and Principal Investigator of both projects said that the two-year project will be implemented at farmers’ fields in 8 Blocks of district Tarn Taran through training of farmers. In fruit fly project on-farm demonstrations will be conducted in cucurbit crops and low cost fruit fly traps will be developed and distributed amongst cucurbit growers of the border district. He added that low cost fruit fly traps will provide pesticide residue free cucurbit vegetables and save labour charges.Second project will help to raise the irrigation as well as nutrient use efficiency and crop productivity. A drip irrigation unit will be installed at KVK farm to demonstrate water saving through drip irrigation to the farmers of the district. The farmers can grow various horticultural crops using water saving techniques.

Dr. Balwinder Kumar, Deputy Director, KVK, Tarn Taran said the both projects would be proven as boon to the farmers of the district especially to the vegetable growers of the district. He said the incidence of fruit fly causes huge economic loss to the cucurbits growers in the district and this project will help farmers in developing low cost fruit fly traps on their own. The KVK will provide training to the farmers on said aspect. Whereas, second project will helps in demonstrating water saving technologies especially through drip irrigation to the farmers.

Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor; Dr. J.P.S. Gill, Director of Research; and Dr H.K. Verma, Director of Extension Education, congratulated the project team and wished them success in improving income remuneration of small and marginal farmers of district Tarn Taran.

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