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Vet Varsity Academician awarded with Fellow of National Society

June 5

Dr. Jasbir Singh Bedi, Director, Centre for One Health, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) has been awarded with the Fellow of Indian Association of Veterinary Public Health Specialist (IAVPHS) (India) for his valuable contribution in the field of veterinary public health and epidemiology. Dr. Bedi started his career as Assistant Professor in PAU, Ludhiana in the year 2004 and has vast experience of 17 years in the teaching, research and extension education. He has been honoured with prestigious Commonwealth scholarship for MSc degree from University of London and for Ph.D. (research work) from University of Sussex, United Kingdom. Dr. Bedi also had research experience as a visiting scholar at Virginia Polytechnic University, USA. Dr. Bedi has authorship in more than 100 research papers in journals of international and national repute. He has guided 10 postgraduate students in the field of veterinary public health and epidemiology and co-guided around 25 postgraduate students in the various fields of veterinary sciences. Dr. Bedi successfully handled research projects funded by Department of Biotechnology, University Grants Commission, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Gates foundation etc. He has been actively involved in the activities related to the application of One Health concept and has organised various webinars/seminars, workshops on the themes of zoonoses, food safety and antimicrobial resistance. He is recipient of the young scientist award of IAVPHS society and has organised the XVII annual conference of IAVPHS and International e-symposium on One Health at Centre for One Health, GADVASU from 28-29 May 2021. Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor GADVASU applauded the achievement of Dr. Bedi and conveyed him best wishes for the future endeavours.

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