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Vet Varsity sensitizes faculty and students to Canine Olfaction

October 26

The Human Resource Management Centre in collaboration with the Institutional Development Plan cell of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana (GADVASU) organised a guest lecture. The lecture was of highly decorated Army Dog training expert Lt. Col. Surinder Saini from Remount Veterinary Corps to sensitize faculty and students on Physiology of Canine Olfaction. Col Saini remained most instrumental in training the dogs for COVID detection. GADVASU took this initiative with a motive to explore this unexplored field of Veterinary Science. More than 120 students and faculty members attended the lecture.

Col. S.K. Bhardwaj, Officer Commanding, 1 Pb R & V SQN NCC, Ludhiana apprised the audience about the Canine Olfaction. Lt. Col. Surinder Saini explained how the canine olfaction system is different from that of human beings and is more specialised. He explained in detail the various intricate physiological processes involved in canine olfaction and how this quality of dogs can be used in Veterinary Science. He elucidated on how dogs has different receptors for different volatile fatty compounds which are secreted by the patients in their secretions and excretions. Keeping, in view about this quality of dogs, they are trained for different functions like medical detection of diseases, cancer, narcotics and explosives etc. He appreciated that GADVASU is taking lead in trying to learn this new field of science and also emphasised that the training of dogs should be taken up for disease detection in Veterinary Sciences. Further he mentioned that dogs can be trained to detect various diseases in cattle herds like Tuberculosis, Paratuberculosis etc.  Lt. Col Saini also answered the queries of faculty and students  

Lt Col Saini also had a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor where the science of olfaction was discussed and it was deliberated upon how to go ahead with this science in Veterinary field.

Dr. S.P.S. Ghuman, Dean, College of Veterinary Science chaired the session. Dr. Ghuman said that the lecture provided interesting facts about the natural olfaction powers of the dogs that make them more powerful companions.

Dr. L.D. Singla, Director, Human Resource Management Centre thanked the speaker Lt. Col. Saini. He acknowledged Vice Chancellor Dr. Inderjeet Singh for giving the opportunity to host the lecture. He also thanked Dr. H. S. Banga, Registrar, GADVASU, for his kind support in such activities. Dr Singla also thanked Dr. Paramjit Kaur and Dr. Nitin Dev Singh for making arrangements for organizing this event.

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