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KVK, Tarn Taran organizes Training Programme on “Commercial Pig farming”

January 14

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Booh, Tarn Taran organized a  Training programme on “Commercial Pig farming and its export potential” under ICAR 114 (Capacity building of farmers through training programme on profitable dairying farming and livestock management by KVK, Booh Tarn Taran) funded by MF AH & D, GOI. A total number of 40 farmers from village Kot Budha and adjoining villages of the district Tarn Taran attended this training programme. Dr. Balwinder Kumar, Associate Director (Training), KVK, Booh, Tarn Taran welcomed the farmers in this programme and highlighted the importance of pig farming for resource poor people in rural areas.  He also talked about the different activities of Krishi Vigyan Kendra for socio economic upliftment of the farm community.

Dr. Suresh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Livestock Production and Course Coordinator discussed with trainees about the breeds and feeding management of pigs in detail. He demonstrated the scientific techniques of pig rearing through different models, elaborated about the lay out plans for pig farming. He guided the farmers about importance of vaccination in pigs and also made the trainees aware regarding different types of diseases and their possible treatments. Dr. Piverjeet Kaur Dhillon, Assistant Professor, Home Science explained the nutritive value of pig meat. She also enlightened the trainees about the waste products and their management in pig farming.  To sum up the above-mentioned training course, Dr. Balwinder Kumar presented his sincere thanks to all the participants’ for sparing their valuable time to make this training a great success.

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