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Vet Varsity Organizes Hands on training programme for SC farmers on ‘Scientific Pig Farming”

January 14

Department of Livestock Production Management, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana organized a three days training programme on Scientific Pig Farming for SC farmers of Punjab under the scheme RKVY-12-B. Training programme was coordinated by Dr. Kulvinder Singh Sandhu and Dr. Subhash Chandra under the leadership of Dr. Yashpal Singh, course director and Head of the department. 15 pig farmers participated in this training programme. The training imparted knowledge on scientific aspects of breeds, housing, nutrition, health and welfare of pigs. Exposure visit of farmers to university pig farm was made to familiarize them with daily routine practices and other activities like handling, recording of temperature, needle teeth cutting etc.

Dr. Satyavan Rampal, Director Student Welfare was the chief guest and he distributed the certificates to the trainees. He said that this training will give technical vision to the farmers to adopt scientific pig farming practices, and will improve the economic status of pig farmer but help them to produce quality meat in the market as well. He added that training programmes are necessary to spread the scientific knowledge and build a strong bond between famers and university experts. University literature on ‘Scientific pig farming, Zoonosis and two year subscription of University magazine Vigiyanak Pashu Palan was facilitated to update their knowledge. University products like 25 kg starter feed and Mineral Mixture was given to encourage them to adopt scientific feeding practices. Dr. Rampal congratulated the trainees for successful completion of the training and appreciated the department of Livestock Production Management for conducting such training programmes.

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