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Vet Varsity concludes Training on Poultry Farming

March 7

A specialized training on poultry farming organized by the Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension Education concluded. Dr. Rajesh Kasrija and Dr. Amandeep Singh, co-ordinators of the training, informed that a total of 23 trainees from different parts of the state participated in the training. 
The experts from various departments of the University apprised trainees with scientific poultry farming pertaining to housing, feeding, breeding and health. Emphasis was also laid on poultry processing, marketing, formation of FPOs and waste management. Practical demonstrations were given to the trainees regarding post-mortem identification of disease, value addition of egg and meat along with visit to integrated farm. 
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Head, Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension Education felicitated the trainees with certificates and said that poultry farming on scientific lines lead to better farm productivity and such trainings play an instrumental part in the profession. He further highlighted that the knowledge on poultry farming can be refreshed from time to time undertaking such trainings. He stated that farmers can contact the experts of the University through Pashu Palak Tele-Advisory Kendra (PPTAK) by dialling 62832-58334 and 62832-97919. 
Dr. Parkash Singh Brar, Director of Extension Education highlighted the importance of poultry as a low input technology and stated that poultry can augment farmers’ income along with other livestock based enterprises. He further stated that farmers shall connect to the University for obtaining any advice related to livestock farming on scientific lines. 
During the feedback session, the trainees provided feedback and highlighted that the training will be of immense use to them for initiating poultry farms.

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