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Vet Varsity to organize Pashu Palan Mela on 24-25 March

March 17

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana will organize two days Pashu Palan Mela on March 24 & 25. Dr. Parkash Singh Brar, Director of Extension Education, GADVASU said that there is huge enthusiasm among the farmers to participate in this mela as evident from queries of farmers.
In the Pashu Palan Mela the University will showcase its technologies and impart knowledge through exhibition and interaction of farmer's scientists. Technical lectures on both the days on various aspects of scientific livestock, fish & poultry rearing will be conducted so that farmers adopt the best practices which are suitable at their respective places. Question answer sessions will also be separately arranged for the farmers on all the days.
In the Mela, Varsity’s elite animals Cattle, Buffalo, Goat and Poultry will be exhibited to motivate farmers to breed superior livestock by getting the superior germplasm from the University. University literature related to Dairy Farming, Pig Farming, Goat Farming and Package of Practices for Animal Husbandry and GADVASU Magazine ‘Vigiyanak Pashu Palan’ will also be available to the farmers. Books on Poultry Farming, Mobile Apps related to dairy farming, Booklet on swine diseases, and folders on ecosystem will also be released in the mela for the benefit of farmers.
Dr Brar further said that area specific mineral mixture, uromin lick, by pass fat prepared by the university will also be sold at nominal rates.  Urea treatment of wheat straw, preparation of uromin lick, bypass fat, teat dip practice and acaricide drug will be demonstrated at mela. The livestock farmers will be provided testing facilities for mastitis, internal parasites, milk, feed samples and nitrate poisoning of fodders. Farmers can bring the samples of blood, faeces, urine and skin scrapings for getting them tested for various diseases. The testing facility will be free during mela days. Brucellosis testing in animals as well as human beings will also be done. A milk testing kit will also be on sale for checking five common adulterants like sugar, starch, urea, neutralizer and hydrogen peroxide.
While briefing about mela, Dr. Inderjeet Singh Vice-Chancellor GADVASU said that this fair is attracting farmers from other states as well.  Various Line and Development Departments and other stakeholders from adjoining states are also participating in this mela. More than 100 companies related to livestock rearing viz. Pharmaceutical, Cattle Feed, Semen, Equipments, Machinery, Fodder Seed, Feed Supplements etc. are putting up their stall in exhibition. Various farmers’ organizations under the aegis of the university will also put up their stalls and show their activities.  He said that we are promoting eco-friendly livestock rearing. Mela slogan is also based on this objective 'To rear livestock in a congenial manner with respect to ecology and nature'. To encourage scientific farming in the state, the University is also bestowing “Chief Minister Award” to four best farmers in Buffalo, Fish, Pig and Goat categories in the mela.

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