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Vet Varsity will establish Punjabs maiden Dairy based Incubation Centre with Rs. 4.23 crores

November 23

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana is gearing up to establish Punjab’s maiden Dairy-Based Inclusive Technology Business Incubation (i-TBI) Centre at university campus with project cost of Rs. 4.23 crores. The endeavor is set to receive significant financial backing from the Department of Science and Technology (DST). Dr Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor said that this would be the first of its kind Dairy Innovation & Incubation Centre in the region which would boost innovations leading to entrepreneurship and self-employment in the livestock sector. This initiative aligns with our vision of creating a sustainable and technologically advanced dairy ecosystem. As Punjab takes a significant stride towards a tech-driven dairy future, the establishment of this incubation center marks a pivotal moment in the state's agricultural history. With Vet Varsity at the helm and DST's financial backing, the center is poised to emerge as a catalyst for transformative change, propelling Punjab to the forefront of the dairy industry's technological revolution.
Dr R S Sethi, Additional Director of Research cum Principle Investigator, informed that (i-TBI) is a three-year initiative supported by DST for educational institutions, idea-generators, innovators and entrepreneurs to support the innovative ideas, startup initiatives and promote self-employment and job creation through incubation.  Dr Sethi said that DST will provide Rs 4.23 crores to establish this Centre which will support startups by providing maker space, conference spaces, and other amenities. In addition, financial support in the form of seed money would also be provided on an individual basis in accordance with DST criteria.
Dr JPS Gill, Director of Research, congratulated the team led by Dr Sethi and opined that by providing a supportive ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs, the University will nurture their ideas and help them transform into successful businesses, contributing to the growth and development of the livestock sector

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