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Korean Expert Shares Advanced Veterinary Medical Techniques at Vet Varsity (01 July 2024)

July 1

Veterinary professionals worldwide are poised to benefit from a groundbreaking proposal put forth by Prof. Hee-Myung Park, D.V.M., Ph.D. from College of Veterinary Medicine, Konkuk University, Republic of Korea. Professor Park. He is trained for nephrology and hemodialysis from University of California (UC Davis) and has vast experience in interventional veterinary medicine techniques. The Department of Teaching Veterinary Clinical complex (TVCC) invited him to share his expertise with students and faculty. Prof. Park visited the Dialysis Unit, Multi-specialty Veterinary Hospital and commended the state- of-the-art infrastructure and innovative practices observed at North-India’s only Veterinary Dialysis Unit. He interacted with veterinary professionals and students, exchanging insights on renal health management and the application of dialysis techniques in veterinary medicine. He noted the integration of cutting-edge technology and the commitment to deliver high- quality care to animal patients at university hospital, which left a lasting impression on him.
He delivered expert lectures on veterinary nephrology, dialysis, interventional ultrasound, and cardiology which captivated the audience with his extensive knowledge and practical experience. He also provided hands-on practical demonstration of various interventional ultrasound procedures and provided insight into interventional cardiology.
Dr. S. S. Randhawa, Director of Clinics informed that Prof. Park was invited to share his expertise in the area of interventional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
Dr. SPS Ghuman, Dean, COVS told that recently, interventional ultrasound unit was established at MSVH with the aim to introduce interventional procedures in veterinary medicine.
Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor also interacted with Prof. Park and emphasized the importance of continuous learning and sharing experiences to address the evolving challenges in animal healthcare. Dr. Singh said that the proposed global workshop on veterinary dialysis techniques represents a significant step towards fostering excellence in veterinary care worldwide.

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