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Prophylactic Vaccination against Rabies at

February 24

Rabies is a fatal viral disease and can be transmitted to human beings through diseased animals or reservoir animals. Normally an individual is vaccinated against rabies only when bitten by a rabid dog/animal, but the individuals who are in regular contact with animals should be vaccinated prophylactically also. The prophylactic dose against rabies is to be administered on 0’, 7th, and 28th day during first year and later a yearly vaccination is required as a booster to maintain the titre. As per WHO survey, about 20,000 deaths occur every year due to rabies in India and around 5.0 lac people get post-bite vaccination therapy.

The veterinary staff is always at a high risk for this disease and prophylactic vaccination is thus recommended against this deadly disease in professionals dealing with animals. GADVASU has initiated a programme where the teaching and non-teaching staffs along with students, who attend Clinics and handle animals, are regularly vaccinated. Dr Simrat Sagar Singh, Dean, College of Veterinary Science, GADVASU inaugurated the vaccine administration programme yesterday, wherein 64 students and clinical staff were given the first shot of prophylactic vaccination schedule. Dr Simrat Sagar Singh highlighted the importance of anti-rabies vaccination in pets also and informed that the pet owners should also get their pets regularly vaccinated to prevent the spread of this disease. Dr S. Prabhakar, Professor & Head, Department of Veterinary Clinical Services Complex informed that the staff and interns, who were given the prophylactic vaccination last year, will be administered with the booster dose

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