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March 19

Dr SS Johal Former Vice Chairman Punjab State Planning Board inaugurated the Pashu Palan Mela of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana today on March 19th 2009. Dr VK Taneja, Vice Chancellor, GADVASU, presided over the inaugural function. Dr OS Parmar, Director Extension Education revealed that the main attraction of Pashu Palan Mela was the show of University elite animals viz: Murrah buffaloes, Holstein Friesian  crossbred cows, bulls, goats, pigs, rabbit, white quails and ornamental fish. Further, he said that the main queries of the farmers were regarding   the availability of these elite high yielding livestock for which the farmers were advised to use the semen of proven bulls of the University and produce their own calves and heifers. Large numbers of peoples were interested in taking up goat, pig and fishery farming and especially enquired about their training programmes. Books on Dairy Farming, Package of Practices for Livestock and Poultry, Vigyanak Pashu Palan (Monthly Punjabi Magazine), leaflet depicting University highlights and facilities for the farmers were also available for the farmers. Long queues of farmers were at the University stall for procuring these books and registering their name for enrolling as member. Different Departments of University provided useful literature to the farmers Dr. Johal released a book entitled ‘Punjab Vich Bakri Palan’ written by Dr. Amrit Saini , Dr. Chanderhaas and Dr. Mandeep Singla.  Farmers were very enthusiastic for registering their names for the forthcoming training programmes of the University as the farmers have started thinking that the diversification from the agriculture is going to be their saviour and more and more people want to adopt commercial livestock farming especially dairy , piggery and poultry. There was great rush at the stall put up by the Animal Nutrition Department to purchase the mineral mixture and uromin lick prepared by the University which is sold at a very nominal rate to the farmers and they were seen purchasing it in bulk because of cost factor and quality. Live demonstrations on the various aspects along with Mastitis Diagnosing kit, teat dip practice and acaricide drug application were also demonstrated to the farmers. There was big crowd at the Livestock Product Technology Department stall, for purchasing the low fat paneer, different flavoured lassi, meat patties, quail egg pickle, sweetened milk, fish Kurkure etc and knowing the recipes of these products for domestic purpose. All the exhibited milk and meat products were sold briskly. Experts Motivated farmers to star there on business by getting training for preparation  of these items  Different departments of the University, Punjab Animal Husbandry Department, Punjab Dairy Development & Fisheries Departments, Milkfed, Markfed , Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Indian Immunological, Nestle, Milk processing machinery firms, put up their stall in the exhibition. Different livestock associations established under the guidance of Veterinary University including Progressive Dairy Farmers Association, Punjab Piggery Farmers Association, Innovative Fish Farmers Association and Punjab Goat Farmers Association also put up their stalls for enrolling the members. Mela was attended by University Officers, heads of departments, faculty, students and staff .People have come to witness the Pashu Palan Mela from other adjoining states like J&K , Himachal , Haryana , Rajasthan and Western UP which reflects the popularity and the acceptance and shifting of the farming community towards livestock sector. A special session was  introduced for the farmers to get the  latest updates for their queries from experts. The Pashu Palan Mela will be held for two days (19 and 20 March.2009) under the theme of PASHU PALAN DHANDA APNAO, PUNJAB NU KHUSHAL BANAO.

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