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Vet Scientist Meet of Project Directorate on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance (PD_ADMAS)Concluded

May 5

The 16th Annual Scientist Meet of Project Directorate on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance (PD_ADMAS) which was inaugurated by Dr. VK Taneza, Vice Chancellor, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana on 4th May, 2009 concluded today afternoon. Deputy Director General (ICAR), Dr KM Bujarbaruah presided over the meeting. Dr MP Gupta, Head Department of Epidemiology & Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Ludhiana presented the progress report of the Regional Research Unit of PD_ADMAS. He emphasized that brucellosis is increasing in Punjab and demanded some strict prevention and control policy for the disease at state and National level. Dr KM Bujarbaruah agreed to the opinion and assured that he will submit proposal to the Govt of India (GOI) implementing brucellosis control program by adopting Brucella strain S 19 vaccination. Dr MP Gupta then highlighted the high incidence of PPR in small ruminants in sheep and goats. He also emphasized the participation of need of farmer in control of infectious disease programs. He suggested that awareness and farmer education can control the spread of infectious diseases. He also suggested that success stories of control measures against infectious diseases taken by other states should be discussed and shared with other scientists for mutual benefit. While reacting to the reports of PPR Dr KM Bujarbaruah informed that very good vaccine against PPR is available giving life long immunity. He suggested to take initiative for implementing the PPR vaccination in affected states through respective Animal Husbandry Departments. At present Punjab is free from Anthrax and blue tongue diseases. However, scientists from southern and eastern states showed the high incidence of Anthrax, blue tongue and BQ.

Dr Lal Krishna, Assistant Director General (ICAR) explained that project was started in seventh five year plan in year 1987 with a objective of Monitoring and Surveillance of infectious disease along with control program. With great effort India has been made free from Rinder pest disease. In the eleventh program this project was upgraded to full Independent Institute on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance with 15 collaborating units all over India.

            Director Extension Education, Dr OS Parmar highlighted that infectious diseases like TB, JD, Brucellosis, FMD and HS causes direct and indirect losses to the farmers. He recommended the need of participation of farmers in such meet to solve their problems. He also recommended that guide lines should be issued to the farmers to control the infectious disease on herd basis.

            Dr Lal Krishna gave the revised mandate to every collaborating unit of PD_ADMAS. He appreciated the facilities provided by GADVASU to held the meet. He assured to provide liberal financial grants and instruments to all the centers of PD_ADMAS in the eleventh five year plan. He told that control program for FMD funded by GOI with free vaccine in some states helped in the prevention of FMD in these states. He emphasized the need of strengthening of vaccination program by the respective State Animal Husbandry Departments against infectious disease like PPR (sheep & goat), Swine fever (pigs); FMD, HS, BQ (cattle and Buffalo). He also suggested the respective state governments to upgrade the vaccine manufacturing units (biological production units). Latest research on vaccine technologies should be done to produce better vaccines having long lasting immunity. He emphasized the need of extension program by the respective states to control the infectious diseases.

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