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Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University

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Aims and Objectives of the Corpus Fund for Human Resource Development

        Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University started functioning w.e.f. April 2006 at Ludhiana by carving out College of Veterinary Science and related animal sciences facilities from erstwhile PAU to provide support to livestock sector in the state. Since then, the University has added a College of Dairy Science & Technology, College of Fisheries, School of Animal Biotechnology and School of Public Health and Zoonoses at the main campus and a Veterinary Polytechnic at Kaljharani (Bathinda). In addition, it has established three Regional Research and Training Centers and three Krishi Vigyan Kendras supported by Indian Council of Agricultural Research. College of Veterinary Science continues to be in the top tier of Veterinary Colleges in the country and is committed to promote professional excellence.

        In a short span of seven years the university has achieved excellence in the field of Animal Biotechnology, Public Health and Zoonoses, Surgery and Radiology, Animal Reproduction and Toxicology. It has won niche area of excellence in Fisheries and in Clinical Services. Today, the GADVASU stands as one among the best veterinary universities in the country. A Memorandum of Understanding with University of Saskatchewan (UOfs), Canada was signed in 2006 in the area of Public Health, Zoonoses and Toxicology. A remarkable progress has been made under this MoU and symbiotic collaborative research projects approved for mutual exchange of scientists and students. Recently a project in collaboration with UofS, Canada and Free University, Berlin has been sanctioned on Integrated Training Program in Infectious Diseases, Public Health and Food safety for strengthening post graduate research. Similar collaborative initiatives are being taken up with universities of North America and other countries.

        Training and retraining of human resource is essential component for updating knowledge and skills. Although the university gets financial support from the State Govt. to meet the establishment costs and earned competitive research grants, funds for training human resource are negligible. Science is very competitive today. Updating knowledge and skills is very critical to remain in the main stream. As the funds for training are negligible, it was decided to establish a corpus fund to support the human resource development. Only the interest from the corpus, shall be used: “To support faculty and post-graduate students for training(s) and advanced research in internationally established laboratories and through inviting experts from overseas and within the country to impact training/deliver lectures for strengthening research and skill development.”

        The funds received for the Corpus are deposited in the University Account (No. 32600315988 for Indian currency and No. 32316984251 for foreign currency) with the State Bank of India, PAU Branch, Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

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