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Department of Livestock Products Technology

Transfer of Technology

Department of Livestock Products Technology

conducts research in the frontier areas of meat and egg science. The concerted and pragmatic approach of the scientists of this department has resulted in the development of a number of new technologies for meat and egg processing, packaging and by-products utilization. A well-equipped product development laboratory has been developed with state-of-art meat processing machines viz. meat mincer, bowl chopper, hydraulic sausage filler, smoke oven, vacuum tumbler, deep fat fryer, retort packaging machine, vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging machine.

Facilities available at Department of LPT

The faculty members of the department have developed or optimized many technologies which can be beneficial for the meat industry personnel, farmers, budding entrepreneurs who want to start or develop their business.

Following Technologies are available for transfer:

Emu Meat Products:

Emu meat is considered as tasty red meat, low in fat and cholesterol, high in levels of selenium, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, Vitamins C, B-6, and B-12. The fat is 43 percent monounsaturated, which lowers the "bad" LDL cholesterol. It is rich in iron, magnesium, and protein. Emu meat is a very good source of high levels of phosphorus which are usually found only in seafood (KEA, 2012). However, emu meat is considered as tough and high-priced meat. The department has developed various emu meat products which are tastier, low-cost and can help in boosting the emu meat trade. emu meat pickle, emu meat burger patties, emu meat nuggets, emu meat balls/koftas, emu sausages.

The department is ready to transfer the technologies for the development of emu meat pickle, emu meat burger patties, emu meat nuggets, emu meat balls/koftas, sausages.

Functional/Health-oriented Meat Products:

Meat and meat products are always maligned to have high-fat, high calories, low-fiber, high-salt and high cholesterol content. Department has developed various functional meat products with improved sensory quality attributes to cater the demand of health conscious consumers. Various emulsion based functional meat products with high nutritive value includes –

Ready-to-eat meat snacks:

Department has standardized various mouth-watering meat based ready-to-eat snacks such as meat cutlets, meat croquette, meat samosa. These snack products are spicy, nutritious and suitable for Indian palate. These may be used as tea-time, breakfast time snacks. Traditionally, these products are deep fat fried which lead to high fat up take and higher trans-fat. The technology has developed to reduce the fat content without compromising the sensory attributes.

Extended Storage life Chicken Meat Snacks:

Chicken kurkure: Chicken meat kurkure are extruded, nutritious meat based snack product. It can be stored without refrigeration at room temperature for 3-4 months. The total protein content in the developed kurkure varied in the range of 20-25%.

Goat meat bite: Goat meat bite with improved sensory quality, nutritive value, shelf life and reduced total product cost has been developed by the Department.

Dried Meat Products:

Meat waddi: Waddi is the common Indian culinary product used in various curry products. The department has developed meat waddi prepared from chicken meat and has high protein content (50% DM basis). It can be stored at room temperature for 2-3 months.

Meat Biscuits: Meat based biscuits were developed using spent hen chicken meat. These biscuits have high protein, 21-23% and can be stored for more than 3 months at room temperature.

Meat noodles: Chicken meat noodles with high protein content, were developed in the department. It is shelf stable at room temperature and can be stored under modified atmosphere packaging conditions more than 3 months.

Tenderizing Mixture:

The department has developed a tenderizing powder which can be effectively used as curing ingredient for the tenderization of tougher meat.

Vegetarian Meat/ Simulated Meat Products/ Meat Analogue:

Catering to the needs of the vegetarian population, meat like products have been developed which provide nutritional value almost similar to meat products. These are developed from soy and soy based products and has high protein value. These products are comparable in taste, flavour, almost similar texture compared to meat products. It can be fried, smoked and broiled to have variety.

Turkey Meat Products:

Amongst the newer species of poultry, turkey is well accepted by the consumers and farmers and its products are being graded as delicacies. Turkey meat faces no cultural or religious taboos against it in most countries of the world. It is favored meat at ceremonies, festivals and a highly priced gift item. Turkey meat has bright red appearance and it resembles more with the red meat. Moreover, turkey meat has low flavour, high meat bone ratio than red meat. The compositional factors turkey meat has low lipids and abdominal fat and little higher protein content than other species of poultry. The department has developed various turkey meat products which are tastier, low-cost and can help in boosting the turkey meat trade competitively with broiler meat.

Processed Egg Products:

Eggs are very nutritious food supplying high quality proteins containing all the essential amino acids and other nutrients. An avg. sized chicken egg supplies nearly 80 Calories energy, 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of healthy fats and various other trace nutrients that are important for health. During summer months, due to the low demand and low price lots of eggs are available to be processed into different value added egg products. Many egg products have been developed by the Department of LPT. Technologies for the following products are available for transfer.

Egg Chutney: It is a mouth watering sweet, salty and tangy chutney similar to fruit based chutneys. However, it has been developed from the whole egg liquid and has protein percentage in the range of 15-17%. The cholesterol content in the egg chutney varies from 70-90mg/100g. It has an estimated storage life of 6 months at refrigeration temperature. Free from artificial colour and flavour.

Egg cutlets: Utilization of whole egg liquid for the development of cutlets is a novel food concept for potential market and its incorporation will ensure the protein enrichment of the developed product. Egg cutlets are prepared from whole egg liquid and mashed potato. The optimized formulations were mixed uniformly so that no clumps were formed, followed by preparation of egg cutlets of uniform size. The products are cooked in pre heated oven at 155°C for 15 min followed by deep frying.

Egg Drink: This is a refreshing drink during the summer months with protein content 4-6 gm/100ml, fat 2-3g/100ml and energy 68-80 Cals/100 ml. It is prepared by mixing the Egg Drink Concentrate with chilled water in 1:4 ratios. Egg drink is available in six different flavors i.e. mango, banana, lemon, orange, pineapple and coconut.

Egg Parantha: It is Ready-to-cook product. Egg Parantha can be stored in deep freezer for more than 1 year. Cooking Time for to consume the frozen Parantha is around 3 min (max.). Nutritive value of one egg Parantha app. of 100 gm is - Protein: 12-14g, Moisture: 40-43g, Fat: 10-12g. Egg Prantha can be stored in laminated pouches with outer aluminium layer.

Ready Omelet Mix: Omelet Mix powder is prepared by dehydrating the whole egg liquid and mixing other ingredients. It is a Ready-to-cook product and egg omelet can be prepared after mixing the powder with water in 1:3 ratio and cook it on hot pan. Nutritive Value of Ready Omelet Mix is Protein: 26-28%, Moisture: 10-12% and Fat: 18-20%. It is a shelf stable egg product and estimated storage life is 6 months at room temperature.

Egg Pickle: It is prepared from low-grade/small size chicken eggs or quail eggs which fetches low price in the market. The egg pickle is very popular in the market and can be stored at room temperature for 1½ -2 months. Two varieties: Vinegar based or oil based egg pickles are developed in the department. Due to its wider acceptability, it can increase the profitability of the farmers manifold.

Ethnic meat Products:

Meat Pickle: Meat pickle is high acid, shelf stable meat product. Meat pickle has low moisture content and acidic pH which inhibit the growth of spoilage and pathogenic micro-organisms. It can be stored for six months at room temperature without adverse change in quality. Two varieties: Sour and sweet sour meat pickles are developed in the department.

Kababs: Kabab is very popular ready-to-eat meat product. Amongst the kababs, seekh kabab is most popular. Shami kabab is very popular in Punjab.

Barbeque chicken: Parts of chicken carcass are marinades and seasoned with spices before barbequed to improve flavour and taste.

Retort Technology for shelf stable curry based meat products :

Retorting is preservation of curry based meat products by sterilizing at high temperature and pressure for sufficient time. This increases the shelf life of meat products upto 1.5- 2 years at room temperature.

Restructured Meat Products:

Under this technology, lower value cuts and quality trimmings into produce of higher value. Thus meat products can be developed from different types of meat. The common methods used for tumbling are chunking, tearing, flaking. The department has developed restructured meat chunks, restructured meat blocks and other products and has also has vacuum tumbler for tumbling of meat cuts and trimmings.

Pork Frankfurters:

The department has developed the functional pork frankfurters having longer shelf life with the incorporation of plant extracts from sea buckthorn (SBT), grape seed (GSE), green tea (GTE), fenugreek seed (FSE) and Acacia catechu (ACE).

Method of Application: The interested parties may submit their request to Professor-cum-Head, Department of Livestock Products Technology, College of Veterinary Science, GADVASU, Ludhiana-141004 Ph: 0161-2414025; Fax: 0161-2400822; E mail: The authorized person (s) from the requisite parties has to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the university. The interested parties can contact Head, Department of Livestock Products Technology for detailed guidelines and copy of the MOU.

Contact Details: The interested parties may contact for further details to Professor-cum-Head, Department of Livestock Products Technology, College of Veterinary Science, GADVASU, Ludhiana-141004 Ph: 0161-2414025/ 9463640437 (Mobile); E mail: