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Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University

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College of Veterinary Science

Faculty Detail

Dr. Sandeep Uniyal

Designation: Scientist
Contact Address:Department of Animal Nutrition, College of Veterinary Science, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, Punjab 141004
Telephone : 0161-2414040
Mobile: 9997114320

Academic Credentials

  • BVSc &A.H
  • MVSc
  • Ph.D

Teaching and Other Appointments

  • Non Ruminant Nutrition, Ruminant Nutrition, Feed technology

Other Appointments

  • Member, Preparation of Area specific, Type I, Type II, piggery mineral mixtures, Fortified by-pass fat and uromin lick
  • Member, of departmental research and extension committee 

Area of Research Interests

  • Evaluation of different sources of minerals (organic and nano minerals) on the performance of monogastric animals, use of newer feed additives to improve the performance and reduce enteric methane emission of dairy animals. Exploration of newer unconventional feed resources in the diet of dogs to develop cost effective food for different physiological stages

Ongoing Projects



Name of the Project

Funding Agency




Nutritional and processing interventions for developing pet food

DBT, GOI, New Delhi




Utilization of dried distilleries grains with soluble in livestock and poultry feed

BCL Industries Ltd. Bathinda




Recycling and utilization of hatchery and fish waste (H&FW) as an alternative feed resource for sustainable and eco-friendly pig, poultry and pet rearing





Exploring potential of RIL plant-based protein biomass as an alternate protein ingredient in pet and ruminant feeds

Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai


Research Honour’s /Awards

  • ICAR-JRF (2013)
  • IVRI Institutional fellowship (2015)
  • Best poster presentation award-2

No. of Publications

Research: 13 Extension: 15     
Books: Nil     
Manuals: Nil


  • Uniyal, S. Chaudhary, L.C. Kala A, Aggarwal, N and Chaturvedi V.B. 2023. Effect of supplementing sulphate reducing bacteria along with sulphur on growth performance, nutrient utilization and methane emission in goats. Tropical Animal Health and production, 55 (3). Doi10.1007/s11250-022-03419-w.Handle No.  123456789/2792
  • Singh, G. Uniyal, S. Sharma, A. Kaur, D. and Chahal, U.S. 2022. Effect of inclusion of hatchery discarded infertile egg meal with shell on In vitro digestibility of puppy food. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition, 39(4) 480-485. Handle No 123456789/2793.
  • Babu, R.N. Kaur, D. Uniyal, S. Kaur,P. Yashpal, S. Kaur, P. and Malik D.K. (2023). Physico-chemical litter amendments and their impact on broiler chicks performance. Indian Journal of Animal Science, 93(3):  293-297. Handle No 123456789/2776.
  • Jiaswal S.K, Tomar, S. Saxena, V.K. Uniyal, S. and Balraj, S. (2023). Supplementation of Lactobacillus reuteri isolated from red jubgle fowl along with mannanoligosaccaride improves growth performance, immune response and gut health in broiler.  Indian Journal of Animal Science, 93( 6):572-577. Handle No 123456789/2795
  • Uniyal, S., Chaudhary, L.C., Kala, A. and Agarwal, N. (2022). Isolation and characterization of sulphate reducing bacteria from goat rumen and its inclusion to improve in vitro feed fermentation. Indian journal of Animal Science. 92 (1): 96–100 Handle No. 123456789/3625
  • Uniyal, S., Chaudhary, L.C., Kala, A., Agarwal, N. and Kamra, D.N. (2020). Effect of sulphur supplementation on methane emission, energy partitioning and nutrient utilization in goats. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, 20: 111-119 Handle No 123456789/3711
  • S. Uniyal, J. K. Sahoo and Ashwin K. (2017) Use of Condensed Tannins to Control Gastrointestinal Nematodes and Improve Small Ruminant Performance. Indian journal of Animal Health, 56(1) 1-10 Handle No 123456789/3716
  • Uniyal, S. Garg, A.K and Chaudhary, S.K. 2020. Effect of dietary zinc nanoparticle supplementation on mineral balance, tissue minerals status and immune response in guinea pigs. Indian journal of Animal Science, 90(3), 98-103. Handle No 123456789/3713
  • Uniyal, S., Garg, A. K., Jadhav, S. E., Chaturvedi, V. K., & Mohanta, R. K. (2017). Comparative efficacy of zinc supplementation from different sources on nutrient digestibility, hemato-biochemistry and anti-oxidant activity in guinea pigs. Livestock Science, 204, 59-64. Handle No 123456789/3717