ਗੁਰੂ ਅੰਗਦ ਦੇਵ ਵੈਟਨਰੀ ਐਂਡ ਐਨੀਮਲ ਸਾਇੰਸਜ਼ ਯੂਨੀਵਰਸਿਟੀ
Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University

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College of Fisheries

Fish Processing Technology

The Department of Fish Processing Technology (Erstwhile Harvest & Post-Harvest Technology), created in 2009 and renamed in 2021, has well equipped processing, value addition and analytical facilities to provide quality education, research and training in various aspects of harvest and post-harvest fish/shellfish processing technologies, such as handling; preservation; processing/value addition; processing waste management; value added products and byproducts; quality/food safety assessment and management; entrepreneurship development etc.