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College of Dairy and Food Science Technology

Dairy Chemistry

Department of Dairy Chemistry at College of Dairy & Food Science Technology offers postgraduate program M.Tech in Dairy Chemistry; besides actively involved at teaching Dairy Chemistry courses to undergraduate (B. Tech. Dairy Technology) level. The department works with a dedicated goal to empower graduates and postgraduates with latest knowledge and skills required to meet the growing demand of dairy and food industry and promote them for pursuing doctoral and post-doctoral programs. The department trains students with best teaching, high-end research and provides opportunity to interact with academicians and students at national and international level, via routine seminars/webinars in areas of global interest. Department has published several highly cited articles in journals of repute like Food Chemistry, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Powder Technology, Journal of Food Science and Technology and others. The department hosts state of the art research facilities with well-equipped laboratories for teaching as well as research purposes with sophisticated instruments like Milkoscreen, Flame Photometer, Double Beam Spectrophotometer, Ultrasonicator, Kjeldhal Digestion and Distillation Unit, Socs Plus Fat Extraction Unit, Halogen Moisture Analyzer, Digital Polarimeter, Shaking Incubator, Refrigerated Centrifuge etc. Besides, Department also established the ‘Milk Testing Laboratory’ and developed two milk adulteration detection kits. Funds have been generated from this lab by sale of milk adulteration detection kits since 2015 and chemical analysis of milk and milk products.

Faculty at the Department of Dairy Chemistry is highly enthusiastic and involved in different institutional and externally funded research projects, such as Milkfed (Punjab), ICAR, DST and RKVY as PI and Co-PI. Besides, faculty of the department actively involved in extension activities of the college by delivering lectures to farmers and dairy processors and demonstrating milk adulteration detection kit in various Kisan Melas. They also presented number of posters/papers in National and International conferences and seminar and also received appreciation in the form best poster/paper awards from couple of well recognized scientific associations. Department offers campus placement to postgraduates and also prepare them for national level competitive exams.