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Semester and Hostel Rules

Chapter I


1. Academic year and Semester Calendar

1.1 The academic year shall ordinarily be from July to June, it shall be divided into two semesters of 21 weeks each. The semester calendar for each academic year shall be issued by the Registrar’s office during the second semester of the previous year


2. Admission: Registration for First Semester

2.1 Admission to a programme which shall be made by the Registrar, shall include selection after entrance examination and/or counselling/interview, payment of the prescribed fees and registration for the first semester.

2.2 Admission to all undergraduate programmes of the University shall be made in the beginning of the first semester of the academic year only.

2.3 Admission to Master’s programme shall be made in the beginning of 1st semester. Admission to Ph.D. will be done in the 2nd semester. No admission will be made in the subsequent semesters for both the programmes.

2.4 A selected candidate shall pay his/her fees for admission and get himself/herself registered within the prescribed date which, normally, shall not be later than the working day immediately preceding the date of commencement of classes. However, the Registrar may, on the recommendation of the Dean, permit the late admission of a candidate up to the working day immediately following the expiry of one week from the date of commencement of the classes.

Provided that if a student after registration fails to attend the classes without written permission of the Dean for the last seven consecutive calendar days during the spell of 12 calendar days commencing from the date of registration, his/her registration shall stand automatically cancelled and the seat vacated by him/her will be offered to the next candidate on the waiting list subject to provision of Semester Rule 2.

2.5 Unauthorised absence from the registration at a programme at the time of admission shall be treated as a serious lapse and the seat will be vacated and offered to the next eligible candidate on the waiting list.


3. Registration for subsequent semester

3.1 Registration for the subsequent semester shall be governed by the following schedule:

(a) Advisement: On the prescribed date(s) which shall be one or two days prior to the commencement of the classes.

(b) Registration without late fee: On the prescribed date which shall be a day prior to the commencement of the classes.

(c) Registration with late fee: Registration for maximum up to ten days may be allowed to the students of all programmes with late fee of Rs. 1500/- for five days and Rs. 3000/- for ten days.

Provided that the Registrar may, on the recommendation of the Dean concerned, register a student after the last date fixed for registration in each semester up to the last date for adding a course except for B.V.Sc. & A.H.

3.2 Unauthorised absence from the advisement programme will be treated as a serious lapse and for this lapse; a late fee will be charged. If during the day of registration, a student happens to be outside the University in connection with his/her studies, field work or due to other unavoidable and legitimate circumstances, he/she may be permitted to register himself/herself in absentia through his/her advisor by submitting registration cards and paying fees with the prior approval of the Dean concerned.

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