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Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University

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Animal Nutrition

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Nutritional and processing interventions for developing pet food

1 Bench mark survey to study the feeding practices followed by dog owner in Punjab

2. Development of protocol for the processing and formulation of nutritionally balanced pet food using novel plant and animal feed resources in the form of mash or biscuits for young and adults; small and large breeds and their comparison with the commercially available pet foods

PI: Dr. Udeybir Singh Chahal,

Co PI: Dr Amit Sharma, Dr. Sandeep Uniyal, Dr. O.P Malav, Dr. Gurjot Mavi Dr. Sujata Turkar, Dr J.S Bedi

88.732 laces


3 years


Utilization of DDGS as Livestock and poultry feed

1. Effect of supplementation of DDGS on the growth performance, nutrient utilization, blood profile and gut morphology of broiler

2. In vitro and in vivo assessment and effect of supplementation of DDGS on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and immune response on male buffaloes

PI: Dr. Udeybir Singh Chahal

Co PI: Dr. Amit Sharma, Dr. Sandeep Uniyal

20 laces

BCL Industries Ltd.  Bhatinda, Punjab

2 years


 Studies on effect of feeding organic trace minerals on production, reproduction, immune response and metabolic profile in dairy cows

Evaluation of efficacy of copper, zinc and manganese glycinates in comparison to inorganic trace minerals in dairy animals as-

1. Effect on production performance (milk yield, milk composition, somatic cell count, body condition score and body weight) and cases of laminitis

2. Effect on metabolic profile, mineral content and antioxidant status in blood/serum

3. Effect on reproductive performance (Estrus cycle, endometritis, inter-calving period, first estrus after parturition, duration of estrus, intensity of estrus, conception rate and number of insemination per conception etc)


PI: Dr. J.S Hundal

Co PI: Dr. R.S Grewal, Dr. Chanchal Singh, Dr. Amit Sharma (LPM), Dr. Navdeep Singh, Dr. Amit Sharma (AN), Dr . Parminder Singh

25 laces

BASF, India Limited, Mumbai

2 years