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Semen cryopreservation in pet dogs

1.  To improve semen extender for canines.

2.  Evaluation of chilled and frozen-thawed semen.


M. Honparkhe (PI)

Ajeet Kumar

A K Singh

Amarjeet Bisla

Gurjot K Mavi

59.98 lakhs


Continuing (2018 onwards)


Nutritional and Physiological Approaches for Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Cattle and Buffalo (AICRP)

1.  Documentation of current status/extent of infertility and various causes of reproductive failures in both native and crossbred-cattle and buffaloes including development of markers.

2.  Ameliorative measures for overcoming infertility conditions (puberty, postpartum fertility).

3.  To validate ameliorative measures/technologies and to develop package of practices for overcoming reproductive problems in cattle and buffaloes.

Prahlad singh (PI)

M honparkhe

R S grewal

Ajeet Kumar

A K Singh

S S Dhindsa

112.76 lakhs


Continuing (2014 onwards)


All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Pig

1.  To study the performance of pigs under optimal managemental conditions.

2.  To produce crossbred by crossing gilts with exotic boars and to assess their performance in respect of their efficiency of feed conversion, production and reproduction.

3.  To evolve economic pig ration with locally available feed ingredients, conventional and unconventional.

4.  To select animals from within half breeds with faster growth on economic ration(s) to produce superior strain of improved pigs. 

5.  To study the incidences of various diseases in pigs, so as to suggest areas for undertaking research to provide optimum health care. 

A K Singh (PI)

211.76 Lakhs


Continuing (2017 onwards)


Development of suitable extender in boar vis-a-vis to augment reproduction in gilts/sows using artificial insemination in breeding technique

1.  To develop suitable cost effective extender for boar semen.

2.  Application of swine AI using extended semen

3.  To evaluate the fertility rate in gilts/sows following insemination with extended semen.

4.  Genetic upgradation of local germplasm through AI.

A K Singh (PI)

M Honparkhe

Ajeet Kumar

Amarjeet Bisla

10.0 lakhs



(2020 Onwards)


Optimization of biofreezing protocol for buc semen vis-a-vis artificial insemination in beetal goats

1.  To develop suitable biofreezing protocol for cryopreservation of goat semen.

2.  To evaluate the fertility rate in goats following insemination with frozen semen.


Ajeet Kumar (PI)


M Honparkhe

A K Singh

10.0 lakhs



(2020 Onwards)


Towards Climate Resilient Livestock Production System in Punjab (NAFCC) –Reproduction Component

1.      Ensure sustainable levels of milk production in heat stress conditions

M Honparkhe

A K Singh

Ajeet Kumar

42.0 lakhs

Ministry of environment, forest and

climate change

Continuing (2016 onwards)