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College of Dairy and Food Science Technology

Dairy Technology

List of Technologies Developed by the Department of Dairy Technology

  • Technology of Low fat Yoghurt Ice Cream from Buffalo Milk
  • Technology of Water dispersible Phytosterol powder’ as an innovative food ingredient for functional food development
  • Nanotechnology based Novel Technique for Vitamin D2 fortification in Food System
  • Technology of Low calorie Mithat Dahi (sweet curd)
  • Technology for particle coating and encapsulated iron particles for food fortification
  • Thirst quenching beverage- Thandai
  • Bottle gourd burfi
  • Fiber (?-glucan) enriched low fat Dahi
  • Designer Milk Chocolates (Two variants: whey protein enriched and iron fortified milk chocolates)
  • Ready to Eat Snack Food -- Paneer Nugget
  • Ready to Eat Snack Food-- Spicy Paneer Using Oleoresins
  • Sweetened Lassi enriched with carrot juice powder and whey protein concentrate
  • Ready to Serve (RTS) Spices based Whey DrinkReady to Serve (RTS) fruit (Mango) based Whey Drink
  • Low fat sweetened Dahi with incorporation of fat replacers and carrot juice powder