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Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University

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College of Veterinary Science

Veterinary Pathology

The department of Veterinary Pathology serves as a bridge between the paraclinical and clinical streams of Veterinary Education and Research.  The department provides manifold services that augment large/small animals/poultry disease diagnosis. In addition, the results and feedback generated by pathological investigations form the basis for devising preventive, therapeutic, epidemiological surveillance, forecasting and control measure against various diseases.

The Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary Science Ludhiana started functioning at the very inception of the College of Veterinary Science in 1969 In PAU. To begin with, two posts of Associate Professors and one that of Assistant Professor were provided. Subsequently, more positions in teaching and research were created. The department is presently housed in the ground floor of main Veterinary College building and also provides diagnostic services to the Centralized Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory in the Animal Disease Research Centre of Department of the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex. 


Diagnosis of diseases/pathological conditions in live and dead animals/birds by examination of cytologic/tissue specimen, body fluids, postmortem examination and other diagnostic techniques as applicable from time to time.

Facilities and Various Activities

The department has state of art Histopathology and Immunopathology, Molecular Pathology, Rabies Diagnostic and Teaching Laboratories which are equipped with latest equipment.

The faculty members are having expertise in diverse fields of Veterinary Pathology including Large and Small Animal Pathology, Avian Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Surgical Pathology, Toxicopathology and Oncology. 

The department is actively involved in imparting theoretical and practical training to the undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as field Veterinarians and Para Veterinary staff.  It is also participating and augmenting the continuing education programme conducted by the College/University from time to time.

These trained personnel are now employed in Veterinary education, research, private practice, industry, management and administration, both in India and abroad. Moreover, the department is also playing a big role in uplifting the field animal health services and thus in turn contributing to improvement in human nutrition and health.