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College of Veterinary Science

Sr. No. Title of the project Objectives Investigators Budget, 2010-11 (Rs) Sponsoring Agency
i.  Research Lab. For feed evaluation & processing NPV-51 To identify newer and lesser known, but potential novel feed resources and evaluation for their nutritional worth Dr.M.P.S.Bakshi
Dr.Jasmine Kaur
69,38,000/ State Govt
ii.  AICRP on mprovement of feed resources and Nutrient utilization in raising animal production, ICAR-6 To assess the nutritional status of animals with respect to macro nutrients. Strategic supplementation of deficient nutrients and ameliorating the anti-nutritional factors To increase the productivity per animal through improved feeding systems in different agro-climatic regions. To increase the profitability of livestock through nutritional and physiological interventions. Dr.M.P.S.Bakshi
21,30,000/ ICAR
iii.  Outreach/Network Programme on “Estimation of Methane Emission under Different Feeding Systems and Development of Mitigation Strategies”, ICAR-16  To assess the methane production from different feedstuffs and feeding system. To develop strategies for mitigating enteric methane production. Dr. M. Wadhwa
Dr. J. S.Lamba
20,65,000/ ICAR
iv.  Rumen microbial diversity in domesticated and wild ruminants and impact of additives on methane gas and utilization of pure quality fibrous feeds ICAR-14 To isolate and characterize rumen microbes (fibrolytic bacteria and fungi; sulphate and nitrate reducing bacteria) of domesticated (cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat) and wild ruminants (neelgai, gaur and chinkara) and to study their enzyme profile. To study the microbial profle and diversity of fibre degrading microbes and methanogenic archaea To select suitable feed additives (microbes/ microbial consortium/ chemical/plant secondary metabolites) for improved fibre degradation and reduced methane emission Dr. M.P.S.Bakshi
Dr. M. Wadhwa Mr. Rajiv
16,78,000/ ICAR
v.  Processing & evaluation of fruit, vegetable and cannery wastes as livestock, poultry and fish feed, RKVY-A2 To assess the nutritional worth of fruit and vegetable wastes for livestock, poultry and fish. To improve the nutritive value/shelf life of these wastes and their evaluation as livestock, poultry and fish feed To assess their impact on the productivity of animals Dr. M.P.S.Bakshi
Dr. M. Wadhwa
Dr. A.P.S. Sethi
Dr. A. Dhawan
2,19,598/ RKVY
vi.  Intensification of Research in Animal Nutrition NPV-6 Processing and evaluation of non-conventional agro- industrial by-products for evolving economic rations for Poultry. Determination of nutrient requirements of different categories of poultry birds and different species of ruminants. Analysis of livestock and poultry feeds, feed ingredients and advisement to farmers w.r.t. formulation of economic and balanced rations. Development of quick and reliable tests for predicting nutritional worth of feeds for livestock and poultry. Identification and detoxification of feed stuffs containing toxins. Dr.S.S.Sikka
72,30,000/ State Govt
vii.  Assessing nutritional requirements of quails, RKVY-A5 To assess the energy, protein and mineral requirements for different phases of growth under different seasons for meat type quails. To assess the energy, protein and mineral requirements for egg type quails for maximum egg production and egg quality parameters. Drs. A. P.S.Sethi
Dr. G.S.Brah
3, 95,745/ RKVY
viii.  Strategic feeding in lowering the age of sexual maturity in crossbred heifers, RKVY-A6 To develop complete feeds and to assess their efficacy in increasing growth rate and achieving the pubertal weight at an early age in crossbred heifers without excessive fat deposition To assess the effect of these feeds on onset of estrus, conception and calving. To study the effect of experimental rations on the subsequent milk production Dr. R.S. Grewal
Dr. P. Malhotra
5, 03, 981/ RKVY
ix.  College of Veterinary Sc. NPV-1 Part A To provide facilities for the teaching of under-graduate of the veterinary Science in the field of Animal Nutrition and for meeting the requirements of the dairy animal husbandry specialists for extension & teaching jobs in the state. Post graduate teaching and research. To strengthen the physical facilities of the Undergraduate & postgraduate teaching. Dr.M.S.Pannu
Dr.Nitin Tyagi
38,50,000/ State Govt
x.  Improvement of buffalo and crossbreed cattle through nutrition effect of plans of nutrition on their growth rate age at puberty, pregnancy and lactation NPV-38   - 8,77,800/ State Govt
xi.  Seed production in Forage Crops NPV-39   - 1,10,000/ State Govt
xii.  Improvement of Forages and Estt. of Forage NPV-52 Screening of germplasm and evaluation of newly developed forage varities for their nutritional worth in terms of VDMI, DCP and TDN. Quantitative estimation of anti nutritional factors present in forage crops and advisement to dairy farmers regarding judicious use of these forages. Evaluation of new sources of fodder crops for their quality for increasing the animal production. To promote the the practice of conservation of surplus green fodder as silage or hay. Dr. J. S. Lamba 36,95,000/ State Govt
xiii.  Estt. of Research-cum-Quality Control Lab. for Livestock/Poultry farmers & feed manufacturers-NPV-59 To establish the feed analytical laboratory well equipped with sophisticated instruments for quick feed analytical services to dairy / poultry farmers. To analyze and evaluate different feedstuffs used in dairy / poultry rations. To spread awareness among the farmer community with regards to feed quality. -- 5,00,000/ State Govt
xiv.  Manufacture/Sale of mineral mixture/uromin licks for dairy animals, RF-7 To prepare and sell quality mineral mixture and uromin licks at nominal prices to farmers Dr. A.P.S. Sethi
Dr. R.S. Grewal
Dr. J.S. Lamba
Dr. N.Tyagi
40,00,00/ Revolving fund scheme