Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University
ਗੁਰੂ ਅੰਗਦ ਦੇਵ ਵੈਟਨਰੀ ਐਂਡ ਐਨੀਮਲ ਸਾਇੰਸਜ਼ ਯੂਨੀਵਰਸਿਟੀ

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College of Animal Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology

    The following facilities are available in the Department:

    • Cytogenetic Screening: Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Horse and Dog
    • DNA Fingerprinting: Cattle
    • Detection of Disease Alleles: Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency in calves
    • Detection of beta-casein type A1 or A2 allele: Cattle
    • Molecular detection of viruses- CSFV, Porcine Circovirus (PCV-2), Porcine Parvovirus, Pseudorabies, PRRS, BHV1,  CDV & MDV
    • Diagnostic PCR assays for Leptospirosis, Brucellosis & Salmonellosis
    • Recombinant antigen based Indirect ELISA for detection of Antibodies against Leptospira sp. and Brucella sp.
    • In vitro (cell line based) drug testing

    State of the art facilities are available in the department. The various equipment available include: qPCR, and Class-II Bio-containment facility, Thermal Cyclers, Vertical & Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems, Inverted and Upright Microscope with image analysis system, Gel documentation system, CO2 incubator, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Microtome for paraffin sectioning, cytospin, Ultra low temperature deep freezer etc.

    ELISA Reader

    Real Time PCR